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Compare the cheapest freight quotes online today with FreightCenter and save on freight shipping. Learn more about how to find the cheapest freight.

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How to Get the Cheapest Freight Rate?

Using a 3PL (Third Party Logistics company) to broker shipping is how small and medium-sized businesses get the cheapest ltl freight rate. In the freight shipping industry, the more you ship, the lower your rates.

Cheapest freight rates

Businesses that don’t ship a lot are at a disadvantage. As major shippers, 3PLs use their bargaining power to overcome that disadvantage.

Why Aren’t Long Term Contracts a Smart Deal?

Some carriers use the lure of discounts to convince an SMB to sign a long-term contract. But many carriers specialize in only one or two services, so their contracts can be highly limiting. Avoid the hassle of searching for the right services at the right price by utilizing a 3rd party logistics provider like FreightCenter.

Where Do the Best Freight Carriers Compete for Your Business?

Because of FreightCenter’s large customer base, nationwide carrier network, and ability to make life easier for the carriers (by taking care of all the customer details), we receive high volume discounts from significant carriers; The result is huge savings for our customers – the best available.

Our in-house freight experts are trained to ask the right questions to ensure that you’re quoted for the best carrier with the right services to meet your freight transportation needs.

Get started by comparing freight shipping quotes from multiple carriers.

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