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Curbside Freight Pickup

Curious about curbside pickups? Learn more about standard curbside service and more freight terms in our glossary.

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What Is Curbside Freight Pickup?

Standard freight service includes curbside pickup and delivery. This means that the truck driver will expect the packaged shipment to be brought roadside or to the end of the driveway. Ask your FreightCenter Agent for assistance in getting the freight to the curb. Additional costs for a liftgate or inside pickup may be required if freight is picked up from or delivered to a residence or a business without a loading dock or forklift. Curbside service implies that your freight is ready for pickup and is properly packaged and placed at the curb. Additional charges for services like lifting boxes into the truck or forklifting pallets from the curb may be billed separately. IMPORTANT NOTE: The truck will not enter a driveway or road that has limited access or otherwise restricted from heavy truck use.

Getting Your Shipment to the Curb

Below are a few tips you can take to get your shipment to the curb:
  1. Prepare your shipment at the curb. When your location doesn’t have a loading dock or forklift, set the pallet at the curb and stack and wrap your freight in place. This option won’t work if you do not have a way to weigh your shipment at the curb. Shipments should always be weighed after they have been packaged.
  2. If you frequently ship, invest in a forklift or pallet jack. A forklift and pallet jack have two metal forks that fit under a pallet, which allows you to easily lift and move freight.
  3. Sometimes a little muscle is all it takes to move freight to the curb. Gather a group of people to help you do all the heavy lifting.
  4. Ask your FreightCenter Agent for freight service that includes inside pickup.

Getting Your Shipment in the Truck

For unpackaged loads, placing individual handling units (e.g., unpalletized boxes or bins) into the cargo hold of a truck is not a challenging task. However, pallets and heavy or oversized freight need special equipment to lift, roll, and stack the shipment inside the trailer. When you choose curbside pickup or delivery, you may need additional accessorials like a liftgate and pallet jack. Although there is no standardized federal weight lifting restriction for truck drivers, a trucking company or carrier may restrict them. Alternatively, if you can provide the muscle then you may not be required to purchase liftgate service.

Is Curbside Pickup Only for Residential Shipments?

No. Curbside pickup will be provided at business locations where there isn’t a loading dock. Common carriers typically provide dock-to-dock transportation or curbside service. There is a special fee for a residential location that is in addition to inside pickup and delivery fees.

Can You Request Inside Pickup?

Yes. Check the “Inside Pickup” accessorial checkbox next to the location details section on the quote form. For an additional fee, a specialized freight carrier will bring the freight from your garage or driveway to the curb and place it inside the truck. The driver will not go inside a residence. Whether you choose to book online or by phone, FreightCenter gives you the option to add inside pickup and delivery services at the time of your quote. Get an online quote or call 800.716.7608. Look Up More Freight Terms
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