Third-Party Logistics Provider

Third-Party Logistics Provider

A third-party logistics provider (3PL) like FreightCenter cuts supply chain complexity and costs. Outsourcing freight shipping saves companies money.

What Is a Third-Party Logistics Provider?

A 3PL, or third-party logistics provider, simplifies and reduces freight shipping costs for businesses that do not have minimum-volume contracts with freight carriers. As a 3PL, FreightCenter helps customers by:

  • Introducing shippers to carriers that will ship for the customer at a significant discount via our instant quote system

  • Helping the shipper select the carrier that offers the best combination of service and price, based on the customer’s individual needs


  • Identifying and booking accessorial and/or optional freight-shipping services such as a vehicle with lift-gate and white glove service


  • Verifying that the freight class is correct


  • Double-checking all shipment specifics with the customer before booking


  • Reviewing photos of the packaged shipment sent by the customer to help the customer make sure their freight is properly packaged


  • Generating all necessary paperwork, including the Terms & Conditions, Shipping Labels and Bill of Lading


  • Giving the customer with a method for tracking their shipment



  • Providing customer support 24/7 and making sure all customer questions are addressed and answered

There are numerous types of 3PLs that offer a range of third-party logistics services. As a non-asset based third-party logistics provider, FreightCenter does not own trucks or warehouses. That means FreightCenter does not have any interest in favoring one carrier over another and can connect you with the top freight carriers to fit your needs. As the completely independent 3PL, our only commitment is to getting your shipping handled.

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