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Freight Rates

More information and frequently asked questions about how to get freight rates with FreightCenter.

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Are Your Rates Final and Certain?

Due to the high volume we ship through our network of carriers, we are able to secure largely discounted shipping rates. Your shipping quote is based on the information provided to FreightCenter at the time of booking. Any changes or differences in the weight, class, size, or location can result in additional shipping costs direct from the carrier. To ensure that your shipping rates stay in line as originally quoted, be sure to use the FreightCenter BOL provided. This lets the carrier know to bill at the pre-negotiated freight rates and discounts.

How Does Freightcenter Determine My Cost to Ship?

Pricing is based on weight, dimensions, freight class and mileage (distance).

How Do I Select the Best Rate for My Freight?

When determining the best value for your freight, choose the quote that combines the best service option with the lowest price and transit time. Make sure you never compromise the correct freight class number to calculate a lower rate. After pickup, carriers will compare the freight classification, weight and dimensions against your FreightCenter BOL. Any differences in weight, class or dimension could result in an adjustment of your bill or a billing adjustment. One benefit of being a account holder is your ability to view a range of freight rates from multiple licensed carriers with just one search.

Why Is the Price Online Different Than the Price I Received When I Called My Agent?

The freight class used online may be different from the freight class provided by your agent.

How to Choose the Best Freight Rate

One benefit of being a account holder is your ability to choose from a variety of rates and services from multiple carriers with just one search.

We determine value by calculating the best service you get with the lowest price and transit time.

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