PRO Number

Learn how to track a shipment with your PRO account number.

What is a PRO number?

A PRO number is a tracking number used by some but not all carriers. If your carrier applies a PRO number to your freight, a booking agent will email that to you.

What is the definition of PRO number?

the definition of a PRO number

A PRO number is used by carriers to organize and track the progress of each shipment.

A PRO number is defined in the industry as "progressive + number".

If you were given a PRO number for your shipment, you can track your shipment on

How to Track with PRO Number

If your freight is assigned a PRO number, you can track your shipment at Your booking agent will provide status updates as they are received by the driver.

When you book with FreightCenter, we make every attempt to notify you when the status of your shipment is updated by the carrier. Keep an eye on your shipment by visiting our Track a Shipment page.

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