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How to Make the Most Out of eCommerce Shipping

by Ann-Ghilianne Laguerre

Being a retailer, you know how much the economy and consumer shopping habits can change. Throw in a year like 2020, and you could feel more pressure on your business than usual. From higher online sales demand to increased eCommerce shipping, being able to adapt quickly is more important than ever. As consumers look to eCommerce and online retailers for their products, it’s important for you to know how to make the most out of eCommerce shipping.

eCommerce Shipping and Your Business

As you sell more online, you have likely seen an increased demand for eCommerce shipping. Having a shipping strategy in place that details the ways you will optimize eCommerce shipping will keep your supply chain running smoothly. How do you get started in making the most out of eCommerce shipping while still focusing on providing excellent customer service? Let’s dive right in!

Get the Right Team in Place

Managing an eCommerce and making sure your products are shipping out on time is a big process. You need to have the right team in place, which goes beyond product creation and fulfillment. To figure out who needs to do what, ask yourself some questions:

Who will communicate to the customers about shipping options?
Who will create product and shipping imagery to show your customers the process?
Who will fulfill the orders and get them ready to ship?
Who will answer questions or address concerns customers have?

Even if you have a small team to work with, making sure everyone on the team understands their role in the shipping strategy and process will help keep your products moving. Also, think about your website and how you can clearly communicate the shipping process to your customers to give them the easiest experience. Communication is key to any successful business and shipping strategy!

Know What’s Important to Your Customers

Your eCommerce shipping strategy is about more than just figuring out how to incorporate free shipping and faster delivery, even though they may be part of your plan. It’s about knowing what’s important to your customers so you attract new business and retain your loyal customers. This will help your business win in an Amazon world.

Generally, consumers are looking for fast and discounted or free shipping. They want the best delivery experience possible, too. In fact, a survey by Metapak found that:

38% of consumers surveyed said they would never shop with a retailer again following a negative delivery experience.
60% of customers have chosen a competitor who offered more better delivery options.
74% of those surveyed rated free shipping as a very important feature during the checking out process.
45% of shoppers abandoned a shopping cart because of inadequate or disappointing delivery options.

You’ll need to adapt to the expectations your customers set for you, and you’ll need to figure out how to manage customer shipping expectations. What can you offer your customers that is also within your small business budget? While free shipping might be out of the question (at least for now), you could consider other shipping perks, such as expedited shipping. Expedited shipping keeps your shipment as a priority, even during expected transit delays. You could also consider seeing where you could offer shipping discounts or shipping perks to your customers.

Keep eCommerce Shipping Costs Down

You want to optimize your spending and keep your shipping costs down, so you can budget for all the other items it takes to grow and run your business. Consumers expect the best of the best during every stage of the purchase and shipping journey. Trying to manage all the ins and outs of shipping while running your business is a lot to pile on your plate. The best way to keep your eCommerce shipping costs down is to partner with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like FreightCenter.

A 3PL has a team of shipping experts to help you best optimize your shipping strategy to meet the growing customer demands. A freight agent can help determine charges to ship your products, what add-on services your cargo needs, if your shipment needs special shipping or handling, and many other aspects of business shipping.

Additionally, partnering with a 3PL gives you access to a variety of fully vetted carriers at affordable freight rates. You won’t have to waste time manually searching for carriers, lanes, capacity, or the best rates.

Partner with a 3PL that is an industry leader, offering SMS text tracking, a powerful transportation management system (TMS), and a dedicated team of shipping experts to ensure your cargo reaches happy customers. Start reducing shipping stress and talk to a FreightCenter agent today! Call 800.716.7068 or get a free online quote.

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