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How to Optimize Your Supply Chain

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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How to Optimize Your Supply Chain. In this tight freight market, it can seem daunting to be efficient, streamline the process and find the best freight rates and proper solutions for your freight strategy. But there are steps you can take to optimize your supply chain to get the most out of your shipping budget. Below we talk about how to optimize your supply chain, so your business operates like a well-oiled machine.

Supplier Relationships

If you’ve been shipping recently or even tried to buy things online, you might be noticing some common themes; higher shipping rates, longer transit times, lower inventory. Sound familiar? COVID-19 certainly has had economic impact on the global supply chain that will be felt for some time, and manufacturers are still feeling the impacts of material shortages and price hikes. What does that mean for you as a shipper who wants to optimize your supply chain? It means the relationships between you and your suppliers has to be stronger than ever before.

Maintaining good communication between you and your manufacturers opens up transparency not just between you and them, but between you and your customers as well. The last thing you need is a supply shortage that impacts the shipping experience for customers which is so vital nowadays. Handling your customers’ shipping expectations and providing a seamless, easy shipping experience are at the core of that goal.

Whether you’re continuing a longtime partnership with a certain supplier or forging new relationships with others, everyone can reap the benefits. Good relationships can also help you better manage your internal protocols like inventory management, fulfillment rates and ultimately control costs and make more money.

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Implement Technology into Supply Chain

Even before COVID, the digitization of supply chains was well underway. Transportation management systems (TMS) became more of a necessity than a luxury, and that still rings true today even more so than before. Embracing modern freight technologies is one of the most important ways to optimize your supply chain.

What a TMS does is centralize your search for carriers, lanes and rates all in one place so you can compare. And the options you’re shown are based off of your shipment’s details and what works best for servicing that shipment. A truly powerful TMS goes beyond that and helps you manage all your paperwork and track your shipments as well. You can gain powerful insights with analytics from a TMS-like load optimization and route planning, as well as discover inconsistencies between invoices and rates. A TMS uncovers trends and provides intelligence to help you optimize your shipping.

Strategy and Other Tips

Optimizing your supply chain doesn’t just happen, not without a strong plan at least. You’ll want to make sure your shipping strategy isn’t costing you customers in the end. Maintaining supplier relations and embracing technologies are a good start at optimizing your supply chain, but there are even more best practices you can implement in your internal processes to fully optimize your supply chain:

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