Information on Shipping Agricultural Equipment

Information on Shipping Agricultural Equipment

by Amernesa Kelmendi

Shipping agricultural equipment is an essential part of farming. Whether a hobby farmer or engaged in large-scale agriculture, having the right shipping tools can make all the difference. One misstep during transportation may result in sacrificing time and money in the long run. To ensure that your experience with shipping agricultural equipment goes as smoothly as possible, we have provided a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey towards delivering vital farming machinery quicker and safer.

Most Common Agricultural Equipment Shipped

Farm trucks, backhoes, prowl, and sprayers are amongst the most common agricultural tools shipped to assist farmers in the various stages of the growing season. Farm trucks are essential to move supplies around a farm and haul crops to market. Backhoes are used to dig ditches or trenches in which water can be directed or pipes installed. Prowls help farmers transport heavy items and remove stumps from land being readied for planting crops. Finally, sprayers are used during the planting and harvesting of crops to protect them from pest infestations and other possible damage. These essential tools are necessary for farmers to avoid significant difficulties when properly executing their jobs throughout each stage of the growing season.

How Agricultural Equipment Are Shipped

There are two primary shipping methods for agricultural tools in the farming industry. Total truckload shipments usually occur when moving with many items, and delivery is required in one piece. This type of shipment requires larger trucks to transport goods from one place to another, often over long distances. Limited truckload shipments, on the other hand, involve smaller or fewer shipments than Full Truckloads. Moving lightweight items or smaller quantities of items allows farmers to save money while using specialized packaging to ensure efficient and safe shipping. Both Full Truckloads and Limited Truckloads can be customized to meet each farmer’s crop-cycle requirements. Whether harvesting in the fall or planting in the spring, these two methods provide a versatile way to ship agricultural tools throughout the year.

Proper Preparations Before Shipping Agricultural Equipment

Farmers must ensure that all items are adequately prepared for the journey when shipping agricultural tools.

Cleaning: Cleanliness is essential, as dirt and debris can cause damage to the cargo during transit. Cleaning items before shipping can help protect them from potential problems.

Covering Vulnerable Places: Parts more vulnerable to harm during transit should be covered or secured. For example, sharp edges on tools can be wrapped in protective material to avoid damage while moving. Inspecting: Before shipping agricultural machinery, it is essential to inspect all parts and pieces for safety purposes, as well as check for any signs of damage.

Disconnect Batteries: Disconnecting batteries is an integral part of the preparation process, as it prevents potential issues caused by power surges during transit.

Draining Fluids: Drain all fluids and lubricants from the machinery to ensure it is safe to transport.

All these steps must be considered for agricultural tools to arrive safely and securely at their destination. By preparing to ship correctly, farmers can rest assured that their equipment is well-protected while on its way.

Additional Freight Insurance When Shipping Agricultural Equipment

The cost of agricultural equipment can be considerable, with some items costing tens of thousands of dollars. As a result, it is important for farmers to ensure that their investments are adequately protected in the event of an unexpected accident or loss. One way to do this is by adding freight insurance for any equipment that is being transported between locations.

Freight insurance offers financial protection in the event of mishandling, theft, or damage to the equipment during shipment. Discuss adding freight insurance with your freight specialist before finalizing our shipment.

Reliable Agricultural Equipment Shipping Provider

When searching for a reliable freight transportation company, freight specialists can provide global freight solutions to fulfill your freight needs. Freight specialists help farmers find custom solutions tailored to their specific logistics and shipping requirements every step of the way. FreightCenter offers an easy online freight quote to simplify the process with competitive rates. Alternatively, a customer service representative can help you arrange shipping quickly by calling 800-716-7608. If you could give us your freight details, we will take them from there, so farmers can focus on planting, growing, and harvesting crops rather than wasting time finding a reliable freight transporter.

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