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Should You Use a Moving Van Company or Freight?

FreightCenter offers a wide variety of freight transportation services. We're able to offer such a wide variety because of the large network of carriers we work with. Each of our carriers specialize in their own set of services, equipment and lanes.

Access moving van companies, LTL and truckload companies, rail freight providers and more with just one FreightCenter account. To get started, all you have to do is fill out the quote form on the right. You'll then be provided with a list of carriers that meet your needs.

Moving van companies that transport freight usually only do it for first and final mile deliveries or other residential delivery services. Using a moving van company is not your only choice. LTL freight services might be a better option depending on your needs. If you're searching for moving vans, you're most likely moving furniture or another large item. LTL freight shipping is a cost-effective way to transport furniture.

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What is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping involves transporting freight, or large items, that don't take up a full truck. A truck picks up items from various shippers in different origins. Once the truck is full it goes to a nearby freight terminal. At the terminal the freight is unloaded and loaded onto another truck with items going to the same destination.

This consolidation of freight is what makes LTL shipping so cost effective.

The Difference Between a Moving Van and Freight Truck?

A moving van company only transports shipments for one shipper at a time. That's why it's not always a cost-effective solution. Especially if you're only shipping a few pieces or less.

Freight shipping white moving vanThe biggest difference between a moving van company and a freight carrier? A moving van company is not going to require you to package your furniture. They may instead just blanket wrap it for you. A freight carrier requires you to package your furniture (or any item) and put it on a pallet.

Why is it important to package your furniture and secure it to a pallet when shipping via freight? Like mentioned above, your furniture is likely to be loaded and unloaded at least once. The more it's handled the more likely it might get damaged. It's also sharing a truck with dozens of other shipments. Over-the-road freight transportation can be a bumpy ride and there's always the chance shipments may fall over or move around.

How to Keep your Shipment Safe?

Freight shipping plastic wrapUsing a moving van does reduce the risk, especially if you request an air-ride service. If you want to go the more cost-effective route of LTL freight there's some things you can do to help keep your shipment safe. Packaging and crating, like we said, is the most important. The best move is to build a custom crate. If that's not an option, covering your items(s) in Styrofoam, bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic wrap will help. You can also package your items together on the same pallet(s). The more densely packed, the less you'll pay. And, the less likely they are to move around.

It's also important to request the right services. White glove services are the most inclusive for handling furniture and other household goods.

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