Oversize freight shipping

Oversize Freight

 Freight carriers operate with size and weight restrictions. These restrictions may be set by the carrier, the roads, the state, or other factors. Dimensions and weight may be defined legally by transport type. It may also be defined by the infrastructure of the area the item is being transported from and to. When a shipment exceeds these defined limitations, it is referred to as an “Oversize Load”. These loads may also be called overweight loads, oversize freight or heavy haul.  Shipping loads that fall into this class require specialized logistics. A load like this will require special equipment and planning. Oversize freight can risk being a hazard to roadway structures and traffic. This is primarily due to the shipment exceeding design clearances. Bridges are always a concern due to height and distances between trusses. When requirements are needed to transport large freight special licensing and a pilot car is usually required. Items that are likely to be classified as oversize freight are, boats, heavy equipment, cargo, machinery, generators, trusses, refrigerators, and freezers.

Heavy haul transportation services use equipment such as lowboys, drop decks, and stretch trailers. Tractors, goldhoffers, and expandable double drop deck trailers may also be applied for specific loads. These services specialize in moving shipments that exceed limitations of LTL and FTL carriers. State, Federal, and local laws will have restrictions on weight and dimensions that freight trucks can haul without special permits and equipment.  Parcel carriers have smaller weight and dimensional restrictions. These services will have restrictions published on their sites. The restrictions can include types of products that are legal to ship such as chemicals or alcohol. They will also have packaging requirements to be covered by standard carrier insurance. These packaging requirements may push the shipment outside the size limitations. Oversized boxes that FedEx or UPS won’t take with the regular route pickups are easily handle by ltl services.  Finding the LTL service that will handle your shipment affordably and timely is challenging. We have created a tool to help take that challenge away. Our freight quote will instantly compare rates from many highly rated US carriers. Some carriers offer extra services like white glove or lift gates to better assist the transport of your shipment. You could spend your time researching which carriers are available to service your area and call for pricing. Or you could save time and money using our services that will handle all the research work for you resulting in a huge time savings. Our services also are far below the standard freight rates of most carriers because of our volume of shipping. So the next time you have an oversize freight or package, contact us immediately and we’ll handle the logistics for you.