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Partner With A Freight Broker

Partner With A Freight Broker

7 Reasons Why To Partner With A Freight Broker

Due to freight shipping’s complexity, you may want to partner with a freight broker. You may be wondering why you should do such a thing. Working with a freight broker can help you have a headache-free, cost-effective shipping experience. We lay it all out below with seven reasons to partner with a freight broker.


1. Save Time, Money, and Resources

Instead of building an in-house logistics team, consider working with a freight broker who serves as a stand-in shipping department. This means that organizations save money and resources by not having to hire their own in-house logistics team. Various ways partnering with a freight broker can reduce expenses for your business. It saves on payroll expenses, but you will also save time allocated to creating invoices, audits, and training.

Working with a freight broker frees business owners and managers time to focus on what they do best, running and growing your business. It’s having a team of experts to ensure you get the best rates and work with the ideal shipping carrier for your specific needs.

2. Flexibility, Agility and Efficiency

Finding the right small business shipping solutions is key to optimizing your shipping process. Freight brokers are agile and can help deliver efficiencies, such as providing capacity and sourcing equipment that aligns with your business cycle. In other words, your organization won’t have to stress over seasonality, irregular spikes, or drops in your business. Regardless of your shipping needs at any given time, a freight broker is fully equipped to help.

3. Shipping Expertise

Freight brokers are logistics experts and know the industry’s ins and outs. So, when working with a broker, you won’t be second guessing if you asked the right questions. Brokers can help identify freight density. They can also help you choose the correct freight class when applicable. They are experts in selecting the suitable best e freight carrier. And they can assure you the best rate when the price is essential. Shipping agents work to deliver the best routes & rates and have access to the best technology in the industry. This allows for robust reporting and visibility into your logistics, ensuring you consistently get the best rates.

Partner With A Freight Broker

4. Carrier Relationships

Freight brokers have extensive carrier networks, partnering with local, regional, and national carriers. Additionally, they have buying power. Due to their strategic partnerships, freight brokers often have superior negotiated rates than individual organizations. Therefore, working with a freight broker can lower your shipping expenses by providing you with access to their negotiated discounts.

5. Keeping it Simple

Shipping freight can be intimidating at first because, in many ways, it is very different than parcel shipping. There are many details about freight shipping, including packing best practices, accessorials, and loading dock requirements. Additionally, there are various shipping methods based on your specific budget and timeframes, including less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload, as well as rail or air transit.

Freight brokers like FreightCenter are experts at simplifying the shipping process. They know what questions to ask, which carriers best suit specific needs, and the best way to ship specific items. Working with a broker simplifies the process and removes the guesswork.

6. Reliability and Consistency

In short, freight brokers are reliable. Whether your company is shipping two hundred or two thousand pounds, a freight broker can determine how to get your cargo from point A to point B. Additionally, when you work with a company like FreightCenter, you work with one agent who gets to know the ins and outs of your business. Building this relationship ensures that your shipping process will be reliable and consistent, even when your shipping needs change.

7. Convenience

Finally, working with a freight broker is just convenient. Most brokers have online shipping tools and technology that help to streamline the quoting process. Working directly with a shipping agent provides peace of mind that you’re taking all the necessary steps to select the best shipping method.

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