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Shipping Cost

Getting the lowest freight shipping cost from all the top freight carriers is just a few steps away. Fill in a few short details about your shipment and instantly find the costs from leading freight carriers in one easy place. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the lowest shipping costs for all your freight needs.

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What Is The Shipping Cost?

The shipping cost is dependent on a few variables:

  • The mode of transportation (TL vs. LTL, Air vs. Ocean)
  • Freight class (set class vs. density)
  • Delivery time (standard vs. Guaranteed)
  • Packaging (pallet vs. crate vs. boxed,
  • Destination specifications (business vs. residential)


By definition, freight cost includes the price of fuel, mileage, capacity requirements, and any other equipment or services. If you have questions about how you may be able to book low-cost freight, please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable freight agents. A frequently asked question is, “How much does freight shipping cost?” Below are the variables to consider when defining or calculating actual freight costs. Using our freight cost calculator, you will access all major freight companies and their shipping costs.

Determining freight class to find out what is the shipping cost

Freight costs vary depending on freight class. Your freight class is determined by a standard called the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). This system compares commodities and associates them with a freight class. Your freight class is then used to calculate the shipping cost to get the most accurate freight cost estimate. The commodities are grouped into 18 different classes. These classes determine the freight’s “transportability” and equate density, storability, handling, and liability—generally, the higher the freight class, the more expensive the shipping cost.

Don’t know your freight class? Use our handy freight density calculator to provide a number based on the dimensions and weight of your packaged freight.

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Packaging and shipping costs

Did you know how well your packaged items could affect freight shipping costs? Costs for freight shipping are determined by the dimensions of your packages and their weight. With LTL shipments, the more space you take up in a truck, the more expensive your shipping cost will be. Be efficient when packaging your pallets. Additionally, your packaging can affect your freight class. For instance, let’s look at the cost of shipping a sofa: If your sofa is disassembled, it has a lower freight class than assembled. Because of this, shipping disassembled items can result in a 20-50% savings over shipping assembled items. Ask your freight agent for tips on packing your furniture or packaging and crating in a way that reduces your shipping cost.

Liftgate costs

Not all trucks are equipped with liftgates, so you’ll need to specify source a carrier that has them. Commercial trucks are designed to load and unload conveniently onto loading docks. When shipments are shipped to addresses with no loading dock area, they require liftgate equipment. A liftgate is a unique hydraulic platform fitted on the back of a truck that can raise or lower a shipment to and from the ground.

Redelivery costs

If the receiver rejects the shipment, a carrier may need to redeliver an order. Redelivery can also occur if the necessary equipment isn’t on-site, etc. Redelivery is one of the priciest accessorial fees because it requires the carrier to redo the job and miss out on other income.

Layover costs

A charge will apply if the truck cannot be unloaded/loaded during its slated delivery day.

Reclassification and reweigh costs

LTL base rates are determined by shipment weight, dimension, and classification. The carrier will reclassify or reweight your order if these details are incorrect or not provided. Dimensions, weight, and class all impact how a truck is loaded and when these details are wrong. Accurate shipment details are the best way to avoid unexpected shipping costs.

Advance notification costs

This fee applies if a carrier needs to notify a consignee before making a delivery.

Limited access costs

Places with limited access, either by permission or hours of services, may charge this fee. Example: Government facilities, schools, prisons, medical facilities, camps, and nursing homes have limited access.

Lumper or driver load/unload costs

Unloading a vehicle is outside the requirements of a carrier. A fee applies if the driver must load or unload the freight. Distributors pass these charges on to shippers as a “lumper” fee.

Residential costs

Carriers charge an added fee for Delivery into a residential area is much different than a commercial office or warehouse.

Inside delivery costs

You will be charged an additional cost to bring a shipment into a house that requires other equipment (such as a pallet jack to lift the pallet curbs and stairs), extra time, and, sometimes, a different workforce.

Metro pickup/delivery costs

Congested cities with parking limitations can be challenging to navigate ads with additional costs.

Fuel surcharge costs

A surcharge is charged according to the current price of fuel.

Oversized/overlength costs

Carriers must specially configure loads to accommodate. When an order takes up more space than a pallet, it costs additional to transport.

Sort and segregate (sort/seg) costs

There is an additional cost If a driver is required to break up an order and move the product from one pallet to another.

Hazardous materials cost

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that Hazardous Materials (HazMat) are adequately documented during transport. This includes extra paperwork and risk, which the carrier adds accessorial costs.

After-hours delivery costs

Going to a facility outside of regular operating hours can cost extra.

Truck Ordered Not Used (TONU) costs

Carrier will have a clause allowing for a TONU. There is only a charge if the truck is canceled after a pre-established cut-off time.

Diversion miles costs

Diversion costs will occur if the carrier is told to drive to a different location upon arrival at a shipper or receiver.

Additional stops costs

These charges typically occur when a shipment has two or more destinations, requiring a driver to make several stops.

Detention costs

Detention charges may apply if a carrier is delayed for any reason at a shipper/receiver.

Delivery time costs

The delivery time of ground shipping can either be booked as guaranteed or estimated, depending on which option you choose for your shipment. Logistics are carefully managed to ship your LTL or truckload shipment across the nation. Unfortunately, we can’t always predict natural disasters, road collisions or blocks, or even driver illness. Thus delivering an exact date for your delivery won’t always be accurate. However, we offer guaranteed shipping for those willing to pay a little extra shipping cost to ensure their freight shipment arrives on time. With guaranteed shipping, should an instance occur, your shipment will move to the front of the line in order of importance.

Destination specifications costs

Specifications at your destination can also affect shipping costs. Requesting a call before delivery, ordering inside delivery, or delivering to a limited-access location can increase your shipping cost. Here is a list of some limited access delivery locations: storage units, churches, schools, commercial establishments not open to the public, construction sites, farms, fairs, or carnivals.

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