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Shipping Medical Supplies

Shipping Medical Supplies

Online freight calculator for shipping medical supplies. Use our tool free and see current real time rates saving you money.

Shipping Medical Supplies at a Significant Cost Savings


At FreightCenter, we help businesses ship medical equipment and supplies, often at significant cost savings. The cost of transporting medical supplies can add up fast.

This is why customers use FreightCenter’s instant freight calculator to find the cheapest shipping cost for medical equipment.

You can get a shipping quote and arrange for the transportation of medical supplies online using the medical supply freight quote calculator. You can speak directly to a freight expert via telephone by calling 800.716.7608.

Our staff can assist with any shipping needs or special requirements you may have.

When you need medical supplies delivered fast, call us immediately. We can determine what type of load classification you will need to use. We also can offer best practices and load recommendations.

For instance, a pallet of Covid Tests may weigh the same as a couple of ultrasound machines, but their classifications would differ, thus the cost to ship them.

We know that most medical supplies used in high volume are disposable and in continuous demand. Ensuring you have reliable shipping services for your medical supplies is necessary.

We also specialize in Domestic & International Covid Test Kits, Shipping & Delivery.

Why Proper Medical Equipment Shipping Is Crucial


Shippers and receivers never want their assets lost or damaged during shipping. Unfortunately, this can be common for medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and others in the industry.

Patients may rely on the machines, devices, and supplies you are shipping.

Damages during medical equipment shipping can be avoided to ensure your patient’s livelihood. We will go the extra mile to ensure your medical equipment and supplies reach their destination.

large CAT scanner medical equipment machine

What Type of Medical Supplies or Equipment Can Be Shipped?

Medical supplies include any items used in a medical environment:

  • Lasers

  • Hospital beds, treatment tables and other furniture

  • MRI machines

  • Covid test kits

  • Medication

  • CT scanners

  • Lab equipment

  • Surgical devices

  • Computers and peripherals

  • X-ray machines

  • Bandages, creams, ointments, and or other supplies

  • Miscellaneous medical supplies

How to Transport High Value or Heavy Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is often oversized and very heavy. Medical supplies and equipment are difficult to ship because they can also be fragile and contain costly components like gauges, lenses or mirrors, and other delicate internal items.

To protect some equipment, special requirements must be met for their shipping or storage for their safety.

Specialized medical equipment will require special handling and packaging. Because of this, it is recommended that high-value or fragile medical supplies or equipment should be appropriately crated or boxed before being picked up by a freight truck.

White Glove delivery can be a great solution when you need the items delivered inside your business.

How to Properly Prepare Medical Equipment and Supplies to be Shipped?

Medical equipment items can’t simply be placed in any type of container and are expected to arrive in one piece at their destination.

This is why FreightCenter has specific practices and ongoing education for handling sensitive medical equipment shipping and packaging.

Step One: Your Account Manager will advise you on the best way to prepare your shipments. This means you must ensure it is boxed or crated to meet the shipping requirements for its fragility and value.

Step Two: We will recommend our opinion on the best type of packaging and container it should go in. This way, it can be securely mounted to a pallet or skid, cushioned, and crated for the safest transport available.

Step Three: To ensure safe delivery, find the right company to transport your medical equipment.

The FreightCenter Commitment to Shipping Medical Supplies or Equipment

We will commit to going above and beyond regarding services for your shipment. We aim to manage your entire shipping process or medical supplies from pick up to delivery. Our automated tracking should keep you informed on where your shipment is.

Shipping high-value and sensitive medical devices can be complex and require multiple parties. Your FreightCenter Account manager is trained in advising you during your shipping journey.

Best Practices for Shipping Medical Equipment

To get your medical equipment and supplies to arrive safely and promptly, FreightCenter recommends the following:

  • Plan ahead. Do not wait; plan ahead. Often the need for equipment and supplies is extremely urgent. FreightCenter shipped thousands of loads containing coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits during the early pandemic.

    Many people lost out because they waited too long.

  • Outside temperature and humidity. Does your shipment required a certain temperature or humidity level?

    FreightCenter can arrange for a temperature controlled truck that will regulated the humidity levels and temperature.

  • Labeling the HAZMAT’s. Your shipment will get held up if you fail to label anything that is hazmat. This means things that are explosive, radioactive, toxic, or maybe just simply dangerous.

    If you have any questions, please call us at 800.716.7608.

  • Proper packing is the best insurance. Your medical equipment and supplies will not arrive undamaged if you fail to package it correctly. Making sure you have the maximum protection is simply the best solution.

    I.e., Crating and proper shock-absorbing padding.

  • Ship it dissembled. Dissembling your item will make it safer to transport and significantly reduce the shipping costs since it will take up less room.

    We understand that taking it apart and reassembling your medical equipment is a major hassle; however, ensuring a damage-free shipment is often worth it.

  • Insure items. High-value medical items should be insured to protect them incase an unforeseen situation comes about.

  • Inspect at Delivery. One of the most important missed steps is properly inspecting your freight and noting any damages at delivery.

    If your item appears to be significantly damaged, it may be best to refuse the delivery of the medical equipment.

  • Re-assembling. Because you took the important step of dissembling your item, you should prepare for possibly a significant amount of re-assembling time to get your equipment in working order.

At FreightCenter, we help businesses with shipping medical supplies at significant cost savings. Transporting supplies from one location to the next can add up fast. Try our instant freight calculator to see what savings you can achieve. Contact us when you are ready to ship your medical supplies.

You can book online or via telephone with one of our experienced sales agents. Our agents can assist with any special shipping needs or requirements. Call us immediately when emergency strikes and you need medical supplies delivered fast. We are positive you will like the savings and service we can provide.

*FreightCenter can help you during the Pandemic

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of Covid-19 medical equipment or supplies, please contact us directly so we can offer you special shipping rates and privileges. Our services will handle your shipment scheduling, tracking, and billing.

FreightCenter helps businesses transport goods from one location to another at significant savings.

Shipping Medical Supplies FAQ


Q. What types of medical supplies can be shipped via freight?

A. Freight shipping can accommodate a wide range of medical supplies, including but not limited to medical devices, surgical instruments, pharmaceutical drugs, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), diagnostic equipment, and medical furniture.


Q. How do I ship medical supplies?

A. When shipping medical supplies, follow these proven steps: 1. Ensure proper packaging and labeling to meet regulatory requirements. 2. Use reliable shipping carriers with experience in handling medical equipment. 3. Provide necessary documentation such as permits or licenses. 4. Consider temperature-controlled shipping for perishable items. By following these steps, you can securely and efficiently ship medical supplies.


Q. Are there any specific regulations for shipping medical supplies via freight?

A. Yes, there may be specific regulations and requirements for shipping medical supplies, especially for pharmaceuticals and certain medical devices. It is essential to comply with local and international laws, as well as follow guidelines set forth by regulatory authorities.


Q. How should I package medical supplies for freight shipping?

A. Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the safe transportation of medical supplies. Use sturdy boxes or containers, and consider using cushioning materials like bubble wrap or foam to protect fragile items. Follow any specific packaging guidelines provided by the manufacturer or regulatory agencies.


Q. Is temperature control necessary for certain medical supplies during freight shipping?

A. Temperature-sensitive medical supplies, such as vaccines, biologics, and certain medications, may require temperature-controlled shipping. Ensure that you use appropriate insulated packaging or refrigerated containers when necessary.

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