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shipping air conditioners

Shipping Air Conditioners

Shipping an air conditioner can be a complex task that requires careful planning and reliable logistics.

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Air conditioners, the unsung heroes of modern living, have revolutionized our comfort in unimaginable ways. From the humble window units that diligently cool down single rooms to the mighty central air systems that effortlessly regulate the temperature of entire buildings, these marvels of engineering bring relief and respite from the oppressive heat. With their cool embrace on sweltering summer days and their ability to transform stuffy spaces into refreshing sanctuaries, air conditioners have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Shipping an air conditioner (AC) may seem like a daunting task due to its size, weight, and delicate components. However, with the proper preparation and care and the right freight service provider, you can ensure this essential appliance’s safe and hassle-free transportation. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of shipping an air conditioner, highlighting important considerations and offering valuable tips to make the experience smooth and successful.

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shipping an air conditioner

Ship your Air Conditioners with FreightCenter

  • Expertise: At FreightCenter, we have extensive experience in handling diverse freight shipments. Our team of logistics professionals understands the unique requirements, and we work diligently to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


  • Nationwide Coverage: We offer nationwide coverage, allowing you to ship to any location within the United States. Our extensive network of carriers ensures that we can facilitate pickups and deliveries in even the most remote areas.


  • Reliable Carriers: We partner with a network of trusted carriers specializing in hauling. These carriers are equipped with the equipment and expertise to safely and securely handle shipments throughout transportation.


  • Competitive Rates: FreightCenter is committed to providing cost-effective shipping solutions. We leverage our relationships with carriers to negotiate competitive rates, helping you save on transportation costs while maintaining the quality and reliability of our services.
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4 Types of Air Conditioners Commonly Shipped by Freight

FreightCenter can handle the transportation of various types of air conditioners, including but not limited to:

1. Window Air Conditioners: Window units are commonly shipped due to their compact size and ease of installation. They are designed to fit in standard windows and are ideal for cooling single rooms or small spaces. Their popularity stems from their affordability and convenience, making them a popular choice for residential and small commercial applications.

2. Split Air Conditioners: Split systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser unit connected by refrigerant lines. They are versatile and can be used to cool individual rooms or multiple zones in larger buildings. Split air conditioners are often shipped due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide targeted cooling solutions.

3. Portable Air Conditioners: Portable units offer flexibility and mobility as they can be easily moved from room to room. They typically come with casters or wheels for easy transportation and feature exhaust hoses that can be installed in windows or through walls. Portable air cons are popular for their convenience and suitability for apartments, offices, or areas where permanent installation is not possible or desired.

4. Central Air Conditioning Systems: Central air conditioners are typically shipped for larger residential or commercial applications. They consist of a centralized unit that distributes cool air through a network of ducts, providing consistent cooling throughout the entire building. These systems are typically heavier and require professional installation due to their complexity.

shipping air conditioners

Types of Trailers that Air Conditioners are Shipped On

To ensure the safe transportation of air conditioners, FreightCenter employs various types of trailers, including:

Flatbed Trailers are ideal for transporting AC units too large or irregularly shaped to fit in enclosed trailers. Flatbeds provide easy loading and unloading options, accommodating different air con sizes and configurations.

Enclosed Trailers: When air conditioners need protection from weather conditions or require added security, enclosed trailers are the preferred option. These trailers shield the air cons from external elements and ensure their integrity during transit.

LTL or Full Truckload

Whether you choose less-than-truckload (LTL) or full truckload (FTL) shipping for your air conditioners depends on the size and quantity being transported:

LTL Shipping: If you are shipping smaller air conditioners or have a partial truckload, LTL shipping is a cost-effective solution. With LTL, your appliances shares trailer space with other shipments heading in the same direction, reducing costs.

Full Truckload Shipping: If you are shipping larger AC units or have a significant quantity to transport, total truckload shipping may be more suitable. The truck trailer is dedicated to your air conditioners with FTL, ensuring maximum efficiency and faster delivery times.


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FAQ: Air Conditioners Shipping


Q. Can you ship an air conditioner?


Yes, you can ship an air conditioner. Place the AC and its parts in a sturdy box to ensure safe transport, avoiding sideways positioning to prevent compression damage. Add secure cushioning like foam and edge boards to immobilize the AC and close the box tightly. Take precautions to safeguard your air conditioner during shipping.

Q. How do you send an air conditioner?


It’s best to use manufacturer-provided materials for a snug fit to package and send an air conditioner properly. If those are not available, find a cardboard box that matches the size of the unit. Wrap the air cooler in bubble wrap and use Styrofoam to fill any empty spaces in the box. This ensures safe transportation of the air conditioner.

Q. Is it OK to transport an air conditioner on its side?


Transporting an air conditioner on its side or upside down is not recommended as this can damage the compressor’s mounting. If the unit has been transported on its side or back for more than a day, it should be left upright and unplugged for 24 hours.

Q. What is the freight class for air conditioners?


The freight class for machinery like an AC will commonly be a freight class of 100 and above. It’s important to contact a FreightCenter agent to find the appropriate class based on your specific AC unit’s weight, dimensions, and packaging.

Q. What are the shipping costs for air conditioners? 


The shipping costs for air conditioners depend on factors such as weight, dimensions, shipping distance, and the chosen carrier. It’s best to request freight quotes from different carriers to compare pricing. Our online quoting platform allows you to search for rates with ease.

Q. Can I ship multiple air conditioners in one shipment? 


Yes, you can ship multiple air conditioners in one shipment. Grouping them together can save shipping costs, but proper packaging and securing each unit are crucial to prevent damage.