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Shipping Laminate Wood flooring

Laminate Wood Flooring

Transform your space with our laminate wood flooring shipping service! From urban chic to rustic charm, we deliver quality flooring to your doorstep, ensuring every step is a journey in style. Explore our seamless shipping options and embark on your home makeover today!


Whether you’re sending flooring to a customer or moving to a new home, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to properly pack and ship laminate wood flooring. At FreightCenter, we can help you navigate the entire process and ensure your package arrives on time and undamaged.

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how to ship laminate wood floors infographic

Proper Packaging

Select sturdy and appropriately sized cardboard boxes that can accommodate the laminate wood flooring planks comfortably. The boxes should be strong enough to support the weight of the planks and protect them during transit. Use cushioning materials like foam, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to protect the planks from impacts and potential scratches.


On the top of the box, use a permanent marker to write the destination address clearly. Include a return address in case the package needs to be sent back for any reason. If you have a shipping label, follow the carrier’s guidelines to affix it properly.

Choose the Right Carrier

Selecting the right shipping carrier is crucial for safely transporting laminate wood flooring. Look for carriers with experience handling delicate and valuable items, as they are more likely to take extra precautions to protect your flooring.


For added protection, consider purchasing shipping insurance, especially if the laminate wood flooring is valuable. This insurance will cover any potential damage or loss during transit.

Tracking and Monitoring

Choose a carrier that provides tracking and monitoring services for the shipment. If available, use package tracking services to monitor the shipment’s progress and expected delivery date. This way, you can stay informed about the status of the laminate wood flooring delivery..

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#1 Proper Packaging to Ship Laminate Wood Floors

heavy freight sitting on a pallet jack on a warehouse dock

Laminate wood flooring is a valuable and delicate product that requires careful handling and packaging when shipping. Proper packaging is essential to ensure the safe transportation of laminate wood flooring from one location to another. Here’s a step-by-step guide on properly packaging laminate wood flooring for shipping to protect its quality and integrity throughout the journey.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Before you begin packaging the laminate wood flooring, gather all the necessary materials. You will need sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates that are appropriately sized to accommodate the planks. Additionally, acquire foam padding, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing tape, corner protectors, and other cushioning materials required to protect the flooring.

Prepare the Flooring Planks

Inspect the laminate wood flooring planks for any visible damage or defects. Ensure that the planks are clean and free from any debris. If any planks are damaged, consider replacing them to maintain the shipment’s quality.

Secure the Edges

Laminate wood flooring planks can be susceptible to damage along the edges. Add extra padding, such as foam or bubble wrap, along the sides of each plank to protect the edges from chipping or denting during transit. Corner protectors can also be used to reinforce and shield the corners of the planks.

Bundle the Flooring Planks

Bundle the planks together securely depending on the quantity and dimensions of the laminate wood flooring flooring. Grouping the planks into manageable bundles makes handling and packaging more efficient. Use packing tape to hold the bundles together, ensuring they are tightly wrapped.

Arrange the Planks in Boxes or Crates

Place the bundled laminate wood flooring planks carefully in sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates. Ensure the boxes or crates are appropriately sized to prevent the planks from shifting during transit. If using cardboard boxes, consider double-boxing for added protection.

Add Cushioning Materials

Surround the laminate wood flooring planks with ample cushioning materials like foam padding, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. The cushioning materials provide a protective layer around the planks, safeguarding them from impact and potential scratches.

Seal and Label the Packaging

Once the laminate wood flooring planks are securely placed in the boxes or crates and cushioned with appropriate materials, seal the packaging with strong packing tape. Reinforce all seams and edges to prevent accidental openings during shipping. Label the packages with “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” to alert shipping carriers and handlers about the delicate nature of the contents.

Insure the Shipment

Consider insuring the shipment to protect against loss or damage during transit. Shipping insurance provides financial security in unforeseen incidents, offering peace of mind to both the sender and the recipient.


#2 Properly Label Laminate Wood Flooring for Shipping

corrugated box with big fragile tape on it

Labeling laminate wood flooring for shipping is crucial to ensure safe and efficient transportation from one location to another. Proper labeling helps shipping carriers, and handlers identify the delicate nature of the product and handle it with care throughout the shipping process.

Clear and Visible Labels

Use clear and visible labels that can be easily seen on the packaging. Large, bold, and legible fonts are essential to ensure that the labels are easily identifiable by shipping carriers and handlers.

“Fragile” Label

Clearly mark the packaging with a “Fragile” label. This informs shipping carriers and handlers that the contents are delicate and require gentle handling to prevent damage.

“Handle with Care” Label

In addition to the “Fragile” label, include a “Handle with Care” label on the packaging. This further emphasizes careful handling during loading, unloading, and transit.

Directional Arrows

Consider using directional arrows on the packaging if there is a specific orientation or direction in which the laminate wood flooring planks should be handled. These arrows indicate the correct way to position the planks to prevent damage.

Package Contents Label

Include a label that clearly indicates the contents of the package as “Laminate Wood Flooring” or “Laminate Wood Floors.” This label helps shipping carriers and handlers quickly identify the nature of the shipment.

Sender and Recipient Information

Ensure the sender’s and recipient’s names, addresses, and contact information are clearly visible on the packaging. This information helps shipping carriers deliver the laminate wood flooring to the correct destination and lets the recipient track the shipment’s progress.

Tracking Information

If the shipment includes a tracking number, prominently display it on the packaging. This allows the recipient to monitor the shipment’s status and location in real time.

Compliance Labels for International Shipping

If shipping laminate wood flooring internationally, ensure that the packaging complies with the import and export regulations of the countries involved. This may include displaying any required customs labels or documentation.


#3 Choosing a Reliable Shipping Provider for Laminate Wood Flooring

Shipping process infographic FreightCenter


When shipping laminate wood floors, selecting the right carrier is crucial to ensure that the flooring arrives at its destination safely and on time. The carrier plays a significant role in the shipping process, as they are responsible for handling and transporting the packages. At FreightCenter, we help you find the right carrier for your cargo. We will explain the factors to consider when choosing the correct carrier for shipping laminate wood flooring, ensuring a smooth and successful shipping process.

Research Shipping Options

Start by researching the available shipping options in your area. Look for reputable shipping companies that offer services for transporting large and heavy items like laminate wood floors. Standard shipping methods include freight carriers.

Consider Shipping Speed and Timeframe

Consider how quickly you need the laminate wood floors to reach their destination. Different carriers offer various shipping speeds, from express or overnight shipping to standard delivery options. Choose a carrier that can meet your timeframe requirements without compromising the shipment’s safety.

Evaluate Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary significantly among carriers, depending on the distance, weight, and speed. Request shipping quotes from multiple carriers and compare their prices. Be sure to consider any additional fees or surcharges that may apply, such as insurance or handling fees.

Check for Insurance and Liability Coverage

Shipping laminate wood floors can be an investment, so it’s essential to consider insurance and liability coverage. Inquire about the carrier’s insurance options and policies. Ensure the carrier provides adequate coverage for potential damages or losses during transit.

 Review Customer Reviews and Reputation

Research the carrier’s reputation and customer reviews to gain insights into its performance and reliability. Look for carriers with positive feedback regarding handling large, fragile items like laminate wood floors. A carrier with a track record of safe and timely deliveries is more likely to provide a satisfactory shipping experience.

Consider Package Tracking Services

Package tracking services can be valuable when shipping laminate wood floors. They allow you to monitor the shipment’s progress in real-time and receive updates on its estimated delivery date. Choosing a carrier that offers package tracking will help you stay informed and ensure peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Inquire About Packaging Requirements

Different carriers may have specific packaging requirements for large or fragile items. Ensure that the carrier you choose can accommodate the size and weight of the laminate wood flooring packages and provide guidance on proper packaging to protect the flooring during transit.

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#5 Tracking

One essential aspect to consider before shipping is package tracking. Package tracking allows you to monitor the shipment’s progress in real-time, providing updates on its location and estimated delivery date.

Inquire About Tracking Services

Before shipping laminate wood floors, inquire with the shipping carriers about their tracking services. Most reputable carriers offer package tracking as a standard feature. Ask about the availability of tracking for the specific shipping method you choose.

Understand Tracking Options

Understand the tracking options available. Some carriers offer basic tracking, which provides updates on key transit points. Others may offer enhanced tracking with more detailed information, such as estimated delivery times and additional notifications.

Check for Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each shipment. Ensure the shipping carrier provides a tracking number for your laminate wood floors. This number is essential for accessing tracking information online or through the carrier’s customer service.

Utilize Online Tracking Tools

Take advantage of the carrier’s online tracking tools. Visit their website or use their mobile app to input the tracking number and access real-time updates on the shipment’s location and status.

Consider Notifications

Many carriers offer notification services that provide updates via email, text message, or app notifications. Consider opting for these notifications to receive timely updates on your laminate wood floors’ progress.

Plan for Delivery

Use the tracking information to plan to deliver the laminate wood floors. If the package requires a signature upon delivery, make arrangements to ensure someone is available to receive it. Alternatively, some carriers may offer options for package pickup at a local facility.

Shipping Laminate Wood Flooring FAQs

Q. How do you ship laminate wood flooring?


When shipping laminate wood flooring, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s shipping method. This often involves strapping or banding the boxes to a pallet. To prevent damage during transit, it’s crucial that the boxes don’t extend beyond the pallet’s edges. Avoiding pallet overhang is the key to protecting the freight.

Q. How do you ship flooring?


When shipping flooring, start by stacking it neatly on a pallet. Then, secure the shipment by strapping or shrink-wrapping it to the pallet’s forks. Use at least two straps and tighten them firmly to the pallet for added stability during transportation.

Q. Will laminate wood flooring acclimate in the box?


The best way to acclimate laminate wood flooring is by removing them from the boxes. Allowing air to reach the boards from all sides is crucial. Prioritizing laminate wood flooring acclimation before installation is essential to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation. Taking this step can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project.

Q. How do you ship laminate wood flooring?


To ship flooring, start by stacking it neatly on a pallet. Then, secure the shipment by strapping or shrink-wrapping the freight to the pallet’s forks. Use at least two straps and tighten them firmly. This method ensures safe transportation of your flooring materials.

Q. Is insurance necessary for shipping?


Yes, insurance is necessary for shipping if you want added protection for your shipments. You can purchase additional coverage from different couriers to safeguard items above their declared value. Sellers should ensure that shipments valued over $100 USD are declared properly to avail of insurance options. Protect your shipments and ensure a worry-free shipping experience.

Q. How much does a bundle of laminate wood flooring weigh?


A bundle of laminate wood flooring can weigh between 25 to 60 pounds, depending on the selected species or style (solid or engineered). The weight can vary based on the type of flooring chosen.