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How To Ship Musical Instruments

Musical instruments tend to be of exceptionally high value, with the worth of the pieces ranging from reasonably expensive to astronomical pricing, depending on various factors. Packaging musical instruments is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. Precisely determining shipping needs for each musical instrument is imperative because each type requires specialized packaging, so do your research and pack accordingly.

Assuming you are the shipper, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken or damaged instrument upon arrival and shelling out the reimbursement that will inevitably follow.

We have some great tips to help you start packaging your musical instruments on the right foot. For instance, cleaning and inspecting before packaging your instruments is essential. Loosen and remove parts such as mouthpieces and bows, which will help prevent breakage. Label your packages with the appropriate sender and recipient contact information and a “fragile” label. Tracking your shipping is another great way to stay organized and ensure customer satisfaction. 

On another note, packaging musical instruments separately are essential in avoiding movement during shipping. Strive for a balance of secure versus too-tight packaging. Tight packaging can also cause damage, so aim for a snug fit instead, which prevents smaller parts of the musical instruments from being damaged. Also, never ship an instrument in JUST its case. If shipping large musical instruments that will not fit inside a standard shipping box, freight shipping will be necessary.

Be aware to avoid using packing peanuts since the pieces can get stuck in the frets and are not as secure. Also, keep in mind that instruments, as well as their cases, should not touch the edge of the packaging box. It is crucial to choose a container with room for infill. Another good tip is to do a shake test before taping and weighing your package. 

Since you have a better idea of how to package musical instruments, here is a list of the necessary products (new) to ensure a smooth shipment. Regarding pricing shipments, the shipping cost will be determined by the DIM weight or (dimensional weight). Shipping cost is determined by the amount of space the package takes up rather than the weight. 

Our 3PL shipping service is an excellent solution to your logistical concerns. Our FreightCenter agents can keep track of your shipment, providing updates as needed and great packaging tips. Call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents!

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Shipping Vinyl Records and CDs

Why Choose FreightCenter For Musical Instrument Shipping (FTL)?

Consider FreightCenter for your musical instrument shipping requirements because we are an award-winning logistics company and an American veteran-owned business with a remarkable history, competitive pricing, and exceptional service levels. We have established a committed and esteemed network of industry partners through our many years and miles of experience, ensuring our customers meet their deadlines.

FreightCenter is a trustworthy and dependable enterprise that provides a broad spectrum of freight shipping services.

  • Extensive Carrier Network: FreightCenter has a vast network of pre-screened and certified carriers, ensuring that you have access to various transportation options, including dry vans, flatbed, and refrigerated trucks.
  • Competitive Rates: FreightCenter negotiates rates with carriers on behalf of their customers, meaning you can enjoy cost savings and avoid the hassle of dealing with rates on your own.
  • Comprehensive Services: FreightCenter offers end-to-end logistics services, including pickup and delivery, tracking, insurance, and customer support. You can rely on FreightCenter to handle every aspect of your truckload.
  • Technology-Driven Solutions: FreightCenter utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with real-time tracking and visibility of their shipments. Their online platform makes it easy to get instant quotes, book shipments, and manage all aspects of your logistics needs.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: FreightCenter has a team of experienced and knowledgeable logistics experts available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Their customer support team is available via phone, email, and chat, ensuring you can get help whenever needed.

FreightCenter is an excellent choice for FTL services due to its extensive carrier network, competitive rates, comprehensive services, technology-driven solutions, and exceptional customer service.

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Purchasing instrument insurance is an essential preventative for the shipping and receiving process. Musical instruments are delicate and valuable, and by choosing to ship them, it is critical to understand they are subject to an array of unforeseen events, such as theft, accidents, mishandling, weather, and natural disasters.

Our FreightCenter call agents will explain the insurance offered through your various carrier options, but keep in mind not all carriers will provide you with complete coverage, as many offer limited liability coverage. For this reason, it is vital to understand the terms and conditions of your carrier insurance. Purchasing additional insurance will ensure coverage for the total value of your musical instrument. Not only is purchasing full coverage insurance on your shipment the mark of a responsible seller, but doing so also offers YOU peace of mind throughout the shipping process. 

When shipping musical instruments, it is crucial to understand these items require special handling and care. Musical instruments packaged systematically require awareness of various factors, including musical instrument type, value, age, climate control, etc. Ultimately, packaging preferences will depend on the requirements of the sender and receiver. Here at FreightCenter, our team can assist you in shipping even the most challenging musical instrument shipments.

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