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The demand for shipping plows and cold-weather equipment surges as winter’s frosty embrace descends upon us. For businesses and municipalities across the snow-covered landscapes, reliable snow plows are essential to keep railways, roads, and communities clear and moving safely. Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or snow removal service provider, ensuring the seamless transportation of these vital winter tools is a mission, FreightCenter proudly takes on.

At FreightCenter, we understand that the timely delivery of snow plows can make all the difference during the harshest months of the year. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the logistics of shipping snow plows quickly and confidently. With our expertise in freight transportation and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve become the trusted partner for businesses facing the challenges of winter.

Join us on this journey as we explore the world of snow plow shipping and discover how FreightCenter can keep your operations running smoothly when the snowflakes start to fall. Winter may be unpredictable, but with FreightCenter by your side, your snow plows will always arrive right on schedule.

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Why Plows Require Freight Shipping

Plows are used by vehicles and machines to move dirt and snow. In the northern states, snow plows are used every winter.

They remove snow and ice from railways, roads, parking lots, and driveways. Airports use large, custom plows to clear their runways, roadways, and terminal docking areas, so naturally, they’re larger items for regular shipping options. Plows come in several styles, such as straight blade, v-plow, winged, pusher, utv, and skid-steer. When a new or used plow is sold, it must be shipped as freight due to weight and size.

Standard parcel carriers cannot send plows. Freight trucking services offer flexible methods of transporting plows. They move large, heavy items like plows every day.

How Do You Prepare a Plow for Freight Shipping?

-Start by thoroughly cleaning the plow to remove dirt, debris, or residue. Use a pressure washer or a hose to remove any stubborn dirt.

-Carefully inspect the plow for any signs of damage, such as cracks, bent components, or loose parts. If you identify any issues, consider repairing or replacing them.

-Depending on the type of plow, there may be detachable parts such as blades, brackets, or hydraulic components. Remove these parts carefully and package them separately.

-Plow blades typically have sharp edges that should be protected to prevent damage or injuries during handling. Use blade covers or wrap the edges with foam or other protective material.

-If any movable or detachable components cannot be removed, secure them to prevent shifting or damage.

-It might be necessary to disassemble large or oversized plows wholly or partially for shipping. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional to disassemble the plow properly.

-Select a sturdy wooden crate or a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard box large enough to accommodate the plow or its disassembled components.

-Line the bottom of the container with padding material such as foam or bubble wrap.

-Place the plow or its components inside the crate or box, ensuring they are positioned securely and cannot move or shift during transit.

-Use straps, ropes, or tie-downs to secure the plow within the crate or box. Make sure it is tightly held in place to prevent movement during transportation.

-Clearly label the package with relevant information such as “Fragile,” “Handle with Care,” and any special handling instructions.

-Include shipping labels, destination address, contact information, and other necessary documentation.


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How Much Will It Cost to Ship a Plow?

Shipping a plow will depend on several variables:

  • “To” and “From” zip codes
  • NMFC (freight class) of the plow – the freight class of a snow plow can range from 77.5 for a vehicle or tractor mount all the way up to 200 for a rotary plow with vehicle mounting on the pallet
  • Any special considerations/ Accommodations


How to Compare Shipping Costs From Trusted Carriers

Get started determining exact costs using our online quote tool, enabling you to compare freight shipping costs and expected in-transit times from multiple trusted carriers.

The tool will calculate the freight class for you if you know your plow’s packaged weight on the shipping pallet.

What if You Need Help?

With FreightCenter, shipping plows is easy and affordable. FreightCenter shipping experts are ready to help with any questions or concerns. Give us a call at 800.716.7608

Or, using the free quote tool, we will call you to ensure all the information is correct and there are no surprises.

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Why Choose FreightCenter?

Expertise in Specialized Shipments

  • FreightCenter has extensive experience handling specialized shipments, including oversized and heavy equipment like snow plows. Our team understands the unique logistics challenges and can tailor solutions to your needs.


Diverse Carrier Network

  • We have access to a vast network of reputable carriers, which means you can choose from various shipping options to find the one that best suits your cargo, budget, and timeline. Whether it’s flatbeds, temperature-controlled trucks, or other specialized equipment, we have you covered.


Competitive Rates

  • FreightCenter’s industry connections and negotiation power allow us to offer competitive shipping rates. You can save time and money by obtaining quotes and comparing costs for your snow plow shipments.


Reliable Tracking and Support

  • We provide robust tracking tools so that you can monitor your shipment’s progress in real-time. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to assist you throughout the shipping process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.


Safety and Security

  • Ensuring the safety and security of your cargo is our top priority. We work with carriers who are experienced in handling heavy equipment and follow strict safety protocols to protect your valuable assets during transit.


Compliance and Documentation

  • FreightCenter can assist with the necessary documentation and compliance requirements for shipping specialized equipment. We help ensure your shipments meet all legal and regulatory standards, reducing potential delays and issues.
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Shipping Plows FAQs

Q. How do you Transport a snow plow?

A. To transport a snow plow, wrap the blade in shrink wrap to protect it from scratches. Then, place it securely on a pallet for easy mobility. Make sure to fasten the blade firmly to the pallet to prevent shifting during transportation. This method ensures safe and efficient shipping of the snow plow.

Q. Are there any restrictions on shipping plows?

A. There are no specific restrictions on shipping plows via freight, but freight carriers have their own regulations and guidelines for handling various types of cargo. Ensure compliance with the carrier’s requirements to facilitate a smooth shipping process.

Q. What is freight shipping for plows?

A. Freight shipping involves transporting plows in bulk or individually using trucks, trains, ships, or airplanes. It is the preferred method for shipping heavy and large plows that standard courier services cannot easily handle.

Q. Are there any specific packaging requirements for shipping plows via freight?

A. While there are no specific universal packaging requirements, it’s crucial to use sturdy and secure packaging materials to protect plows during transit. Consider wooden crates or reinforced boxes for added protection.

Q. Can I track the shipment of plows during transit?

A. Yes, most freight carriers offer tracking services for plow shipments. You can typically track your plows in real-time using the provided tracking number or through the carrier’s online tracking system.

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