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Shipping Roof Tents

Explore the world of rooftop tents for outdoor adventures and discover how to ship them securely with FreightCenter. From choosing the right carrier to seamless logistics, our guide ensures a hassle-free process.

Rooftop Tents Shipping

You have probably seen pictures of these pint-sized roof tents on Instagram attached to the top or back of adventure vehicles. The images are serene, with the tent resting on the car amid beautiful landscapes like mountains, canyons, and the desert. With a few hassle-free, easy steps, you can mount the tent to the top of your car using roof racks or cross bars. These car top tents make mavericking simple, comfortable, and versatile, allowing you to set up an elevated shelter anywhere you please. 

Have you ever felt uncomfortable camping on the ground, like a potential wildlife meal in the middle of the night? This is where rooftop tents come in handy. Sleeping in your vehicle provides security, comfort, and control. The viewing experience from a rooftop tent is often better than from the ground, protecting you from insects, moisture, and rough surfaces. Assembly is often minimal because the tents usually have support systems that allow for unfolding and popping up. These tents come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various numbers of campers; some models even have additional space for relaxing and cooking, which makes them like a rooftop camper.

One of the most significant benefits of having a rooftop tent is that they are designed to withstand the elements and handle various weather conditions. A critical factor in the design is strong materials, waterproof coatings, and durable design. Rooftop tents are compatible with many vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, as long as the appropriate number of crossbars and roof racks are available. 

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Shipping Rooftop Tents

When shipping rooftop tents, they often require LTL freight shipping. These tents and large accessories may have to be banded onto a pallet to maximize product safety. Below are 9 Easy ways to ship a rooftop tent.

  1. Packaging & Preparation: Before packaging up the rooftop tent for shipment, ensure the tent is clean, free of any damages, and in good condition. If possible, remove any detachable components to reduce overall dimensions and weight. Remember to consider the types of cushioning material used. Opting for bubble wrap, foam, and padding helps protect delicate tent parts. Next, secure the tent inside a robust crate or sturdy box to prevent movement. The package you select should have plenty of room for cushioning materials. Label the packaging with the proper addresses, contact info, and other relevant details. 
  2. Weight and Measurements: It is essential to take time to measure and weigh your shipment correctly. Doing so will ensure a more accurate shipping process and helps prevent unexpected fees. Measure the (length, width, and height) of the packaged tent, and weigh it to determine the exact weight. Only weigh the tent after packaging because the official weight must account for the packaging materials.
  3. Freight Carrier Selection: When making a freight carrier selection, it can pay off to do your research. Experience can make all the difference when shipping large or heavy packages, so shop for carriers specializing in handling these items. Once you have found a potential carrier, contact them to discuss the details of your shipment, along with quotes and pricing. As mentioned above, providing the carrier with accurate weight and dimensions is crucial to providing you with accurate and competitive quotes.
  4. Final Quotes/Pickup Arrangements: Do not be afraid to ask questions when booking with your freight agent. Clear and accurate communication is essential when booking a shipment; the agent and shipper must be transparent. Once your agent has obtained all the necessary details, they will provide you with a detailed quote that includes the shipping cost, estimated delivery time, and any additional services required, such as liftgate service or residential delivery. Your freight agent will then schedule and book the pickup.
  5. Complete the required documentation: To ship a package, you must be willing to fill out some paperwork accurately. Your freight agent will provide you with documents such as the (BOL) Bill of Lading, which outlines the shipment terms and conditions and acts as a receipt for the shipment. Double-checking your paperwork is critical to ensure you have completed everything correctly, especially for details like addresses, contact info, and special instructions.
  6. Insurance: Purchasing insurance for your shipment is always a good idea. Damages can still occur even with the most secure of loads with the most reputable carriers. We all do our best, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. It is far better to be proactive and purchase your shipment’s insurance rather than regret going without it later in shipping. Freight insurance provides financial protection against loss in case of damage or getting lost during transit. Your FreightCenter agent can help you obtain full or partial insurance coverage on your shipments and for the best rates on the market.
  7. Tracking/Communication: Your agent will provide you with a tracking number so that you can stay informed of your shipment throughout the entire process. Your agent will also track the shipment closely and keep you informed throughout transit. If you are shipping directly to a customer, provide them with all the information they need about the shipment. This includes the carrier’s contact details and tracking number. And remember to inform your customer to be available for pickup if necessary.
  8. Delivery/Inspection: The recipient should inspect the tent for damages or discrepancies. If any issues are found, be sure to document them with photos/notes about the condition of the roof tent. The evidence of the damage will prove crucial when trying to file a claim. It is also wise to request delivery confirmation or a signature upon delivery; this helps get the tent to the intended recipients and provides proof of delivery. Gathering evidence at every step will come in handy if a claim needs to be filed.
  9. Follow up: As an essential customer service mark, you should follow up with recipients post-delivery to ensure satisfaction and remedy any issues.
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9 Easy Steps to Shipping Rooftop Tents Guaranteed competitive pricing every time you ship.


Q. Do rooftop tents need to be completely disassembled for freight shipping?


This requirement will ultimately depend on your chosen carrier because each carrier will have different shipping requirements. Some may approve of partial disassembly, while others may require complete disassembly of your rooftop tent. Plus, taking the time to fully disassemble your tent will help reduce shipping costs and may even help prevent damage.

Q. Do I need to palletize the tent for freight shipping?


One of the benefits of palletization is that it can provide additional protection and easier handling. This can make the shipping process much easier for larger-sized rooftop tents. Some smaller rooftop tents may not require palletization.

Q. Are rooftop tent shipments temperature sensitive?


Temperatures in the extremes may affect the rooftop tent materials. Consider shipping the tent in a climate-controlled or temperature-regulated environment.

Q. What documentation is needed to ship rooftop tents internationally?


When shipping internationally, these shipments require customs documentation, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and country-specific paperwork. Your FreightCenter agent will ensure that you have the proper documentation filled out correctly.

Q. Is there a maximum weight limit for freight shipping rooftop tents?


Maximum weight limits also depend on the carrier you are working with because each carrier has a different weight limit. Confirm the weight of your shipment with your freight agent, and they will match you to the appropriate carrier.