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What is a Shared Truckload?

Shared truckload (STL) shipping leverages technology to match compatible freight, maximizing trailer utilization, reducing costs and emissions, while offering competitive transit times, transforming logistics towards collaboration and sustainability.

Revolutionizing Freight Shipping

In the bustling world of freight transportation, efficiency reigns supreme. Businesses strive to get their goods from point A to point B as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This is where shared truckloads come in, a revolutionary shipping method that’s reshaping the industry.


What Is A Shared Truckload?

Shared Truckload (STL) is a way of shipping freight in which multiple shippers share space in a single truck. This method suits shippers with more significant cargo amounts to ship and who want faster, more cost-effective delivery. Combining shipments helps to optimize the route and reduces the time it takes for the cargo to arrive. Shared Truckload also minimizes cargo handling, lowering the risk of freight damage.

Imagine a highway teeming with semi-trucks, each carrying just a fraction of their capacity. This is the reality of traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Shared truckloads, on the other hand, break this mold.


How do they work?

Shared truckloads rely on innovative logistics platforms to seamlessly connect shippers with available truck space. These platforms act as matchmakers, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to optimize routes and pairings. By considering factors such as origin, destination, shipment size, and compatibility, they ensure efficient loading and minimize delays.

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Shared Truckload Process

  • Shipment details are entered: Shippers provide information about their goods, including origin, destination, size, and any special handling requirements.
  • Matching algorithms do their magic: The platform’s technology analyzes available truck space, routes, and other shipments to find the most efficient matches.
  • Compatible shipments are grouped: Shipments with similar destinations and delivery timelines are combined onto a single truck.
  • Direct routes are planned: The platform bypasses traditional LTL terminals and creates hubless routes, reducing transit times.
  • Shipments are loaded and transported: Goods are loaded onto the shared truck and transported directly to their respective destinations.
  • Real-time tracking and visibility: Shippers can track their shipments in real-time and receive updates throughout the journey.
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Benefits of Shared Truckload

Cost savings:

  • Quantify the potential savings: “Sharing the cost can lead to savings of up to 20% compared to LTL shipping, making it particularly attractive for budget-conscious businesses.”
  • Highlight specific examples: “For instance, a company shipping a pallet of goods from Chicago to Los Angeles could save $150 using shared truckloads compared to standard LTL rates.”
  • Mention additional cost benefits: “Reduced handling fees and streamlined shipping processes further contribute to cost savings.”


Faster transit times:

  • Provide actual timeframes: “Bypassing LTL terminals can cut transit times by as much as 24 hours, ensuring your goods arrive quicker and meet customer expectations.”
  • Emphasize reliability: “Shared truckloads often follow predetermined routes with fewer stops, leading to more predictable and reliable delivery schedules.”
  • Offer a real-world scenario: “An online retailer shipping furniture could guarantee quicker delivery to customers thanks to the directness of shared truckloads.”


Reduced environmental impact:

  • Quantify the emissions reduction: “Filling trucks to capacity can potentially decrease carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to traditional LTL shipments.”
  • Appeal to environmentally conscious businesses: “Shared truckloads align with sustainability goals, making them a responsible choice for companies seeking to minimize their environmental footprint.”
  • Mention green initiatives by platforms: “Some shared truckload platforms actively invest in carbon offsets and renewable energy sources, further amplifying the environmental benefits.”


Increased flexibility:

  • Explain the size range flexibility: “Shared truckloads cater to a broader spectrum of shipment sizes than full truckload options, accommodating anything from a few pallets to half a trailer.”
  • Describe specific scenarios: “This flexibility makes it ideal for businesses with fluctuating shipping needs or smaller, irregular shipments.”
  • Emphasize adaptability: “Shared truckloads allow businesses to scale their shipping solutions as needed, without committing to full truckload costs.”


Empty Miles: The Ghost Rider of the Highway

Imagine a highway symphony, not of roaring engines but of wasted resources. That’s the soundtrack of empty miles; the miles trucks roll with nothing onboard, a ghostly echo of deliveries past. These phantom journeys haunt the freight industry, adding unnecessary costs and fueling a growing environmental burden. Think of it as a tax everyone pays, hidden in the price of every shipped good.

Empty miles arise from the limitations of traditional shipping models. A truck takes a shipment from A to B, often backhauling nothing on its return. This fragmented approach leaves gaps and unfilled spaces in the logistical orchestra. Like notes played by an invisible instrument, empty miles contribute nothing to the melody of efficient delivery, adding only unwanted dissonance.

Scalability: The Conductor Taking Back the Baton

But a new conductor has stepped onto the stage – the power of scalability. Shared truckload platforms are rewriting the score, reimagining the symphony of freight movement. They tap into the magic of scale, transforming fragmented shipping into a harmonious ensemble.

Scalability works like a grand conductor, bringing together diverse shipments heading in the same direction. Imagine that same Florida furniture and Texas electronics are no longer solo acts. Through the platform’s algorithms, they become part of a coordinated movement, sharing the stage – in this case, the trailer – on a direct route to their destinations. This conductor minimizes empty miles, turning phantom notes into actual melodies of efficiency.

But the symphony doesn’t end there. As the network of shared truckloads expands, its reach amplifies. More instruments – shipments large and small – find their place in the orchestra, filling the gaps and harmonizing the flow. This scalability reduces empty miles and creates a more responsive and cost-effective system for everyone.

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To create value for our customers by delivering customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and to fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance and ingenuity.

LTL Shipping

LTL shipping involves combining multiple small shipments from different customers onto one truck, allowing each customer to share the shipment cost. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and the most comprehensive options for all your LTL freight shipping needs.

Full Truckload

Truckload shipping, also known as full truckload (FTL), is a transportation option for freight that requires the entire trucks trailer space. Unlike LTL shipping, FTL shipping is reserved for larger commodities that exceed LTL weight and size limits, typically weighing more than 20,000 pounds or having dimensions that exceed 12 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet in height. We deliver optimized solutions for full or partial truckloads and competitive dry van, flatbed, and refrigerated freight pricing. We can cover your full truckload shipping needs.

Expedited Service

Nationwide Expedited Trucking services move your freight securely and rapidly. Your freight requires fast delivery; our freight shipping experts can get your shipment fast, whether in one large box or a full truckload.

Specialized Freight Shipping

Specialized is a transportation option for items that require specialized handling, equipment, or shipping conditions. Specialized shipments may include high-value cargo, oversized cargo, or cargo that require temperature-controlled transportation. The most reliable Specialized Freight Services rates from all the top carriers are just a few steps away. From white glove service to international shipping, we've got you covered.

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