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Snowmobile Shipping

Snowmobile Shipping

With hundreds of snowmobile shipments under our belt, FreightCenter has the expertise to get your snowmobile shipped where it's needed at the lowest cost.

Snowmobile Shipping for Businesses

If you sell snowmobiles, you’re also shipping Snowmobiles. FreightCenter does the heavy lifting for you. From booking snowmobile shipping services through one of the nation’s top-rated freight carriers at the best available rates to generating the required paperwork to tracking and status notifications, FreightCenter will take care of you.

Snowmobile Shipping for Consumers

FreightCenter assists with long-distance snowmobile shipping. We also offer White-Glove Service to help with loading and unloading at the point of pickup or destination. Save the hassle and choose FreightCenter for easy snowmobile shipping at the lowest price.

Count on the Snowmobile Shipping Experts

No matter how large, oddly shaped, or fragile your snowmobile, four-wheeler, or off-road vehicle might be, FreightCenter can give you advice on packaging and shipping it the right way. Our in-house shipping agents have decades of experience shipping snowmobiles. Whether you are buying or selling, they can explain how to get your shipment at the best combination of low price and dependable service.

How Do You Prepare a Snowmobile for LTL Shipping?

snowmobile shipping

-Preparation for shipping a snowmobile varies by carrier.

-Some carriers will take the snowmobile as is and roll it onto the truck

-Some carriers will insist that a snowmobile be strapped onto a pallet so a forklift can move it at the terminal

-Some carriers will not carry a snowmobile unless it is in a crate

So, should you start calling freight carriers and asking them about their snowmobile restrictions? No need. The experts at FreightCenter have that info at their fingertips. Here’s what you should do.

How to Compare Shipping Costs From Trusted Carriers When Shipping Snowmobiles

Use FreightCenter’s instant freight quote tool to get quotes and estimated transit times from multiple carriers. Call FreightCenter at 800.716.7608 and ask a National Account Manager about the preparation required by the carrier that appeals to you the most, as well as those of several other carriers on your list.

Weight is an important factor in determining shipping costs, so remember that a snowmobile on a pallet will weigh more than just the snowmobile, and that weight will be increased even more by crating.

Depending on demand and snowmobile preparation conditions, the carrier that is right for you might surprise you.

One thing that won’t ever surprise you is that FreightCenter will help you find the right carrier without you having to make a lot of inquiries. And once you’ve booked your shipment, FreightCenter will take care of the rest, including answering your questions and making sure all the paperwork is complete.

Get started by getting your free quote or calling FreightCenter at 800.716.7608 right now.

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