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White Glove Shipping

White glove service extends services beyond those of the LTL carrier. FreightCenter offers a range of white glove services to fit your need.

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What Is White Glove?

In general, an LTL carrier is only responsible for freight when relating to their truck. This includes transportation of freight and, typically, moving freight on or off their truck. White glove shipping covers extended services outside of these responsibilities, which the LTL carrier does not offer.

white glove shipping

FreightCenter partners with several white glove shipping companies in order to tailor services to your unique needs.

When shipping furniture, antiques or any other valuable items, white glove shipping provides an unsurpassed level of care. When you choose our white glove services, packaging, moving, loading and unloading your cargo will be handled for you. White glove service also includes unpacking the shipment and taking care of debris removal for you. (1)

White Glove Shipping and Pickup

White glove shipping provides the highest level of service and support. Consider white glove shipping when shipping delicate items or when you simply don’t want to be bothered. Standard freight shipping includes curbside pickup and delivery. White glove delivery services include packaging(1) and loading the item for you, and your goods will be picked up inside the point of origination and delivered inside your destination.

When your cargo reaches its destination, it will be unloaded with care and taken to the exact location where you want it. These services are beneficial when items are too bulky or heavy for one person to move, or if you live alone or don’t have anyone to help you place your item where you want it.

All packaging materials, blankets, and garbage are removed from your home or business.(1)

Get the White Glove Treatment

When using any of the available specialized services through FreightCenter, such as white glove shipping, you receive VIP treatment. Our freight agents will identify your specific needs and requirements to move your goods. They will arrange multi-person inside pickup and delivery. The services will use the best practices and materials for handling your shipment.

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Beyond White-Glove

Specialty equipment such as padded vans and blanket wrap services can also be provided to shippers. Lift-gates are available when needed at both ends of the process. All equipment required for transporting your shipment can be added as an accessorial at the time of quote or by telling your agent.

(1) Not all white glove carriers will package nor remove debris. If these services are important to you, ask your agent for a white-glove service provider who does.

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