by Nadia Brosious

Time is the most valuable thing in the world because we can’t return it. With how long it takes to exercise, most people just avoid it, but this neglects their well-being. Presently 39% of U.S. citizens hold a gym account, and only 49.9% of those members use it at least twice a week. This is because adults work almost every day and genuinely prefer hanging out with family or friends over working out. Half of the population that has a membership card does not actively go to the gym. The fact they invested in the membership means they’re trying to better their fitness. With very little time and much to do, SwingSesh attacks these issues all in one.

What Is SwingSesh?

Naomi and Brad Leeman invented a solution for families all around the U.S. struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. SwingSesh is a multi-purpose playground that doubles as a gym that families can enjoy year-round. Once assembled, SwingSesh can be modified to add more workout or play attachments such as monkey bars or a climbing rope. SwingSesh is convenient for any age to utilize. Most kids may start with the swings, then work their way up to the climbing rope as they become teenagers. As they transition into adulthood, they will begin to benefit more and more from the workout equipment.

Naomi Leeman

Naomi hasn’t been able to do pull-ups since she was a CrossFit athlete years ago. Now, she gets to practice strengthening her upper body with a pull-up bar integrated right into the side of their backyard playground. She credits her physical improvement to the convenience of working out while playing with her kids. Aside from SwingSesh, she also works as an urban design consultant for “Naomi Leeman Illustration & Design.”

Brad Leeman

Brad has been actively and respectably serving in the U.S. as a Marine Corp test pilot. There was little to no time to work out when he was home, and Brad would much rather spend his free time with his loving wife and their energetic little ones. With no choice but to stay fit in his line of work, Brad didn’t want to miss out on family time, so he invented the perfect patent design that combines playtime with gaintime. His favorite attachment is the squat rack.


SwingSesh started taking pre-orders on their E-commerce site in July of 2020. The first set was delivered in October of that year. Finding a manufacturer to partner with was a vital factor in starting the business, and since the business was new, most companies weren’t interested in taking on what would be fairly minor work. After some time, Naomi and Brad found a fabricator right here in the U.S. who believed in them and their vision. Thanks to the right partners helping the start-up of their business, Naomi and Brad can provide their products and function to this day.

SwingSesh’s Mission

The purpose of SwingSesh is to help families maintain a fit lifestyle. This business sets a great example to the younger generation of parents who are working almost seven days a week. The Leeman family thankfully understands the contradictory decision of whether to go to the gym or not. Working out online, or having a few dumbells on your porch, is not as motivating as having the proper equipment that fits your needs. SwingSesh strives to provide adults with the opportunity to stay fit and inspire the next generation to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Prioritizing the need to care for yourself and others is how you “work hard, play hard.”


SlimSesh | A full SlimSesh has monkey bars, a play deck, and a climbing ladder. The kids can also slide while the adults can enjoy all the same amenities as the SuperSesh. Adults can add a squat rack, landmine, or wall ball target. If upgraded to the 1-inch hole posts, J-cups, spotter arms, or a 15 ft. climbing rope attachment can be added.
Slimsesh playground

SimpleSesh | SimpleSesh is for adults who want a home gym without all the playtime equipment, which they can add at any time later on. Features include; Dip bars, pull-up bars, box jumps, the capacity to add a climbing rope, and any other exercise equipment suitable for their routine.
Simplesesh playground

SuperSesh | This is a full set that has an additional rig setup for more attachments and is customizable for a slide, two swings, monkey bars, a play deck, and a climbing ladder for the kids. The adults can practice on pull-up bars, box jumps, and dip bars while they stack on more attachments throughout usage.
Supersesh playground

SwingSesh | SwingSesh is a complete playground gym that can hold everything that the SuperSesh model does with the option to attach even more equipment including the climbing rope and pull-up bars.
Swingsesh playground

Personalize Your Own Playset!

SwingSesh considers the entire family’s needs, with additional features for play and workout equipment. These can be purchased separately and attached at any time. The kids may want to add monkey bars and slides, while the parents may want to add some extra pull-up bars or squat racks. To add personality, you can choose a custom or visually appealing color such as green, red, or grey.
military style training on a Swingsesh


А guardian’s biggest passion is protecting their child. Unlike all other play sets on the market, SwingSesh protects users from the usual playground scrapes and bruises with added protective features and anchors to the ground, so it’s stable. Since this playground is not wood, there is no need for pesticides. There are more attachments to ensure safety, such as extra railing, non-slip coating, and easy hardware for safe assembly. Growing up, our top pick at the playground was more than likely the swings. The biggest pet peeve about those swings was how often they would pinch. SwingSesh’s swing hardware has a coat of Plastisol for good grip and no bad pinches or splinters. As a military family, they understand what it’s like to have to move for work. Disassembling is just as easy for sudden moves with uncomplicated instructions provided by the company and no warranty worries. Their website further provides detailed advice on ensuring safety once the set is received, such as placement instructions and workout equipment precautions.

“SwingSesh equipment is in a league of its own in quality, durability, and functionality. American-made, low-maintenance, and moveable!”


Living The SwingSesh Dream

The idea behind inventing such a complex playground solves numerous issues. With many families needing this set, they don’t have to worry about questions being left unanswered. SwingSesh has top-tier customer service because their customers aren’t just an order number to Naomi and Brad; they treat everyone like friends. The personable interactions help form connections with customers. Their website provides a ton of provided lists of exercises made by Andrew and Christina, who are professionally trained coaches. The teachings this family represents will carry amongst generations of SwingSesh users.
family excercising on a Swingsesh
Combining a gym and a playground into one appliance offers everyone an advantage to stress less and play more. Brad sometimes finds peace in waking up to lift weights before sunrise. Naomi and Brad love bonding with their kids by going to the playground daily. After Dinner, all it takes is one kid to want to go play, and then the whole family gravitates to the playground for a good workout session and a twist on dessert. Their daughter loves to swing, and their son is a fan of the pull-up bar, so he can monkey swing and then slide down! Between swings, the adults get their pull-ups and other reps in as they swap turns to push the kids. The Leeman family stays happy and healthy together.

“This playground is perfect for us. We wanted to draw the grand kids to our house, and the old slide and monkey bars couldn’t handle the older ones (over 6 feet tall now). With Swingsesh the little ones climb all over it and enjoy the slide, and the big kids work out using all the stations and the free weights that I bought to fit on the squat rack–that rack was a great idea. I’m having a blast, too, and showed the kids I can still do pull-ups. (They were impressed). Now I can be more methodical in my workouts, right along with the kids of any age, having fun together.”


SwingSesh helps each family member achieve their own goals, whether saving the princess and playing pretend or saving time and improving their body before returning to work. There is finally a way to ditch the gym membership you hardly use and start that home gym you have always envisioned. Improve your fitness plan while improving your family life.

SwingSesh Ships With FreightCenter

SwingSesh is proudly fabricated in the U.S., and the company oversees final products to ensure perfection. Their products have shipping available to any state in the U.S.A. One of the biggest challenges for the business used to be a proper shipping method. The sets are shipped in large crates and are extremely heavy. The unloading process occurs at the residence, so the driver becomes the face of the online business here. The owners say FreightCenter solves that issue and fulfills the company’s needs by providing responsive customer service, accurate quotes for LTL (less than truckload) shipments, and transparent invoicing practices.

“It is critically important that we have reliable shipping on every order. FreightCenter has made the shipping process easy with upfront and accurate quotes.”

–Naomi Leeman

Our agents help shippers calculate and prepare truck loads so business owners can spend more time doing what they love, just like the Leeman family.


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