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Create an online shipping calculator for free and let customers see their cost of shipping heavy or oversize items before they buy.

Compare Freight Rates

In a world full of fast-paced technology, FreightCenter has just the right tool to help you set yourself apart from the competition and never lose another online sale again.

With our freight shipping calculator, your customers can quote freight rates from a large pool of services and carriers – without ever having to leave your site. We know that comparing freight rates can be quite a hassle when you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck and sort through all the options. However, unexpected freight costs should never be the reason you lose a customer’s business. By having a freight shipping calculator integrated directly on your site, you minimize the risk of a potential customer opening another web tab and heading straight for your competitors site.

Why Should I Use a Freight Shipping Calculator?

By using our freight shipping calculator, you’re providing your customer with all the information they need up front to make their purchase. This prevents you from losing sales because the customer was shocked by the shipping cost and decided not to continue with the purchase.

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