Holland is part of the FreightCenter carrier network, offering FTL, LTL and Cross-Border services within the United States and Canada.

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Holland is just one of FreightCenter’s carrier regional network partners. FreightCenter partners with over 50 carriers, including Holland, so we can bring you unprecedented freight rates and distribution.

Founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan, they have over 8,590 current employees.

Holland is known most for delivering the largest volume of next-day service lanes in its service area. Annually Holland records one of the best claim ratios in the LTL shipping industry. Recently Holland has expanded into the Southeast and Midwest, pushing its next-day lane service. Holland has won the Quest for Quality pretentious award from Logistics Management magazine every year since 1985.



Holland provides full-state delivery in twelve states and two provinces. With more next-day service lanes than any other competitor they service;

Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kentucky; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; North Carolina; Ohio; South Carolina; Tennessee; Wisconsin; Ontario; and Quebec, Canada. They have regional delivery in large markets in nine states Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Holland also provides service to points in the northeast with its sister company New Penn. Also, Holland can service points in the Western United States through its sister company Reddaway.

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FreightCenter's Carrier Network covers the entirety of North America and beyond

By partnering with Holland, and over 50 other carriers, FreightCenter provides you with the most extensive service area and best rates available.

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