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Greentec Auto

Battery Wholesaler | Florida, USA

Customer Since: 2012

Industry: Automotive

“GreenTec Auto is a family-owned and operated business. Our primary focus is rebuilt hybrid batteries for vehicles. We ship a lot of batteries to customers, we do mobile installation where we can drive out to the customer, we also do in-house installation. So, one of the challenges would be shipping the batteries or logistical challenges. We went and did our research and found FreightCenter. They took care of everything for us because they not only compared rates for all the other shipping companies but they’re able to take care of the paperwork that needed to be done, the pickup time, calling the carrier’s. If there’s an issue with the shipment Freightcenter will take care of it. For us one thing that we enjoyed about FreightCenter is the upfront cost. There’s no hidden fees, what you get is what you pay.

For example, I’ve wandered out and used other services and I wasn’t really satisfied with them reason being is they would try to charge less up front but then they’d slap on a fuel fee after the service was completed. Knowing what your paying for prior to committing to the rate enables you to save money. You know what it’s costing you there’s no surprises. Another thing that I enjoyed was the customer service and being able to deal with one individual. There’s a primary person and a secondary person and if the primary guy was gone, I’d have another person who was familiar with our company and what we did and our products and services. Being a small business, time is important and setting up the shipping labels, doing the Bill of Lading, being able to contact the carrier saying “hey we’re going to have a package ready picked up at this time” FreightCenter was able to go in and do all that legwork for us. FreightCenter was the best choice available out there. Our primary focus is to keep hybrid vehicles on the road as long as possible because they’re good for the environment.”

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