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Discount Freight Rates

Get discount freight rates from reputable freight companies with FreightCenter. Save up to 85% when you book online or by phone.

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Discount Freight Rates

Freight shipping rates are set by the carriers. When a shipper is charged less than rate card for their load, that’s discount freight. Discounts are determined by how much a company ships. The more you ship, the higher your discount. Enterprises with multiple shipments per day benefit from these discounts, as do freight brokers that arrange shipping for less frequent shippers, including small and mid-sized businesses.

How to Get Discounted Freight Rates

Carriers treat a 3PL (freight broker) like FreightCenter as both their agent and their customer. We do 3 very important things for them.

  1. Handle all parts of the transaction with the shipper (you).
  2. Help the carriers manage their capacity.
  3. Book a lot of freight.

Carriers reward us with very generous discounts. To those discounted prices we add a reasonable margin while still saving our customers 25%, 50%, 75% or more. That’s why so many businesses that ship on a regular basis count on FreightCenter to handle all their shipping transactions. For small and mid-size businesses, FreightCenter is the place where the best carriers compete for your business.

Whether this is your first time shipping or ship freight frequently, we will get you the most competitive discount freight rates available. Get started with a free, instant, freight shipping quote.

Have parcels to ship?

FreightCenter is not just for freight anymore. We can now handle your parcel shipping as well, and also with generous discounts. Just think of FreightCenter as your one-stop shop for all shipping discounts.

Need help? Visit our help center or call us at 800.716.7608 to speak to a freight agent.

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