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Freight Agents

At FreightCenter, each customer is assigned a dedicated freight agent to assist with freight quotes, carrier selection, services & account management.

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Your Freightcenter Freight Agent

When we use the phrase “shipping expert” at FreightCenter, it’s in reference to one of our many freight agents, AKA National Account Managers. These are the men and women who review your quote forms, confirm that the carrier you choose is the right one for the service your shipment requires, makes sure that any special services you’re going to need have been selected and verifies with you that all the information you’ve provided is correct.

Freight agents make supply chains more efficient and effective by acting as your business’s virtual shipping department. Take a behind the scenes look at a freight agent’s day at FreightCenter. We think you’ll be impressed.

Freight Agents Are an Uncommon Service Among Freight Brokers

Many freight brokers do not provide the personalized service of freight agents to work with all of their shippers, including those who ship infrequently. Many FreightCenter customers choose us because of the special combination of technology and real human intelligence we offer.

Freight agents work in two different departments at FreightCenter, LTL (Less-than-Truckload) and TL (Truckload). Read more about the differences between these two departments in the blog post, Freight Quote Factors: Full Truckload vs Less-than-Truckload.

Building Freight Agent Relationships

Customers that ship on a regular or semi-regular basis soon learn the value of working and building a relationship with the same freight agent for each of their shipments. In an industry where details matter and mistakes can be expensive, it’s important to have a shipping expert on your side.

You can reach one of our dedicated freight agents by calling 800.716.7608, or by getting an instant freight rate quote (a freight agent will contact you shortly).

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