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Freight Cost Calculator

Use our real time current pricing calculator to compare rates from top US freight carriers. Book online and ship your product today at FreightCenter.

Compare Freight Rates

Using Our Freight Cost Calculator

Our freight cost calculator is quick and easy to use.

  1. Start by selecting LTL shipment versus TL shipment.
  2. Next you need your starting location or zip code and location type.
  3. Decide if you need any extra services such as a lift the pickup location.
  4. Enter your end location by city or zip code and select the location type.
  5. Select any extra services required at your destination location.
  6. Enter the type of packaging you have used to protect your shipment.
  7. At this point you need to enter the quantity and weight.of each package.
  8. Enter total dimensions including height, width and length of each package.
  9. Freight Class is the last item identified before moving on to get quote. If you don’t know the freight class, our freight class density calculator will determine it for you.

If you are a returning customer, sign in to pull up your account. New customers fill out a short form. This form includes first and last name and company. Select shipping residential or commercial. A phone number and email address is required along with creating an account password. How often do you plan on shipping? Click on see my rates and you will have your results in our free online freight cost calculator.

Results From the Freight Calculator

The results are based on the shipment criteria that you entered. You will be able to select from a list of trusted freight carriers that are available for the shipment. The estimated transit time in business days will show in your results.

At this point you can choose which service is best for you. To book a shipment, complete a form with detailed information. This information will include specific addresses from both the shipping from and shipping to. Your shipment details are required in order for us to generate the bill of lading used for moving your goods. Enter your payment information to get the shipment scheduled. Finally, confirm the transaction and you’re done.

We have shipping experts on staff that can assist when you have any questions or concerns.

Get Started With Freightcenter

FreightCenter is where leading carriers compete for your business. Our freight cost calculator makes it easy for you. If you need help, call us at 800.716.7608.

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