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Freight Moving Company

Find a freight moving company that suits your needs without having to waste time searching and comparing. Instantly compare rates with just one quote.

Compare Freight Rates

Compare freight moving rates from top companies in just one instant quote. You choose the freight-moving company whose price, transit time and services work for you.

FreightCenter refers to the freight moving companies it works with as carriers. Our large network of carriers allows us to provide you with a large variety of services. Please note, these are not moving companies for moving your family from one home to another.

Choosing the Right Freight Shipping Company

You could spend many hours researching freight shipping companies until you find a suitable combination of service and price. Or, you can compare rates and services from all the freight moving companies that operate near you at one time. You’ll soon see that by using FreightCenter you also save money. Sometimes, a lot of money. Why?

  1. FreightCenter is a major shipper with thousands of customers all over the country. The amount we ship earns us deep discounts.
  2. FreightCenter is where the customers are, and that’s why it is the place where top carriers compete for your business

What You Need to Get a Quote

Want to get a quote online? Fill out the form to the right or get a quote here. You can also request a quote by emailing

Want to get a quote over the phone? We have freight experts available. Call us at 800.716.7608.

Before you request a quote, make sure you have all the necessary information. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Origin address. Is it a commercial or residential location? is it a limited access area? Is there a lift gate or loading dock available?
  • Destination address. Is it a commercial or residential location? is it a limited access area? Is there a lift gate or loading dock available? Does the consignor require a call before delivery?
  • Packaging. Is the item packaged securely in a box, crate or barrel. Is it secured on a pallet?
  • Size and weight. What are the total dimensions of the item(s), including packaging? How about the total weight?
  • Freight class. The density and commodity of your shipment determines its freight class. If you’re not sure what to class to use, our quote form will select one according to the density. In some cases, the determined class could be wrong because of the commodity type. A freight expert will review your quote before booking to ensure it is correct.

Once you complete our free quote form, you’ll receive a list of carriers that meet your needs – all on one page! From there, you can compare rates, service options and transit times. Then you choose the option that’s best for you.

Need help choosing the right shipping company from the list of results? We have an in-house support staff of freight experts. They’re willing to answer any of your freight shipping questions. Give them a call at 800.716.7608.

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