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Freight Rate Calculator

Instantly calculate freight rates from top LTL and Truckload carriers with our freight rate calculator. Save up to 85% off your next LTL shipment.

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Our Freight Rate Calculator Saves You Time & Money

Besides many shipment-specific factors that determine your freight rate, freight rates are also based on shipping volume. The more you ship, the higher the discount carriers are willing to give you.

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When you ship via FreightCenter, not only do you get the benefit of comparing carrier rates, you also get the advantage of our high shipping volume, which earns us very deep discounts from many of the top freight carriers in the U.S. The carriers sweeten those discounts because we handle all communications with our shippers and take care of all the paperwork.

From the shipper’s perspective, we arrange the shipment, pay the carrier and take care of the necessary paperwork.

Shipper’s save time and money. Sometimes, a lot of money.

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What Information is Needed for the Freight Rate Calculator?

Here’s the info you will need to enter to get an accurate quote:

  • Originating and delivery zip codes and location types (business, residential, military base, etc.)
  • Extra services required, such as lift gate or call before delivery
  • How the freight is packaged
  • Total packaged weight and dimensions
  • Specialty vehicle required (Truckload service)
  • NMFC (freight class)

If you don’t know what to enter into the form, you can still request a quote and then review your order over the phone with a Freight Center in-house freight expert by calling 800.716.7608.

Help Is Always Available

Once you’ve booked your shipment, FreightCenter handles all the paperwork and pays the carrier. We also remain available to answer any questions you may have.

Have something to ship? Get started with our Freight Rate Calculator now.

Common Questions

What is a Freight Rate Calculator?

A freight rate calculator helps you get accurate freight shipping estimates once you enter some basic shipment information. Because shipment specifics can vary greatly, a freight rate calculator is the best way to ensure you get the best freight rates and superior service.

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How Do You Calculate Freight Rates?

Your freight rate primarily depends on five factors: 

  1. The type of freight, 
  2. The mode of transport (truck, ship, train, aircraft), 
  3. The weight of your shipment, 
  4. The size of the shipment and 
  5. The distance to the delivery destination.

Calculating your freight rate can be a complicated process that is highly dependent on your particular shipment and the carrier.

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