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Ground Freight

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What Is Ground Freight?

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Ground freight is a cheap freight transportation method that is generally used to transport large items that are not time-sensitive. Shipping freight via ground is oftentimes LTL, and takes three to 10 days for delivery, depending on the pickup & delivery locations.

If your shipment requires overnight, high speed, or international delivery, then consider using rail shipping, ocean container shipping, or air freight as transportation alternatives.

How does it work?

Shipping of freight is more than just a single truck picking up a package and delivering it. It’s actually a network of trucks & terminals, and the process has more in common with the Pony Express than you might think.

When a crate or pallet gets picked up by a truck, it almost immediately goes to a terminal where it will be picked up by another truck.

What Is a Terminal?

A terminal is like a short-term warehouse where trucks drop-off and pick-up freight. Referred to as a “carrier hub”, trucks connect to transfer packages along different lanes and routes. Terminals may also be referred to as distribution centers or service centers. Terminals may be located at airports, railroad centers, seaports, and trucking hubs, and are used to consolidate shipments from local pickups. The goods are arranged onto trucks heading in the direction of the delivery. Most LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments will then unload at a central distribution center. From there, the shipment is scheduled and loaded onto a local delivery truck (referred to as “last-mile”). Local delivery trucks run daily delivery shipments – usually in the morning. They then collect outboard shipments in the afternoon and return to the terminal.

In summary, ground freight is picked up and sent to the closest hub. From there it’s transferred to another truck and shipped to the destination hub (often via rail), where it is then loaded onto a delivery truck for the final-mile.

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