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Freight Billing Adjustment

Freight Billing Adjustment

Frequently asked questions about billing and payments. What are billing adjustments? How to avoid them.

What Is a Billing Adjustment?

A billing adjustment represents a portion of unpaid freight shipping costs as reported by the carrier. In the freight industry, another term for a billing adjustment is “rebill”. A rebill is generated when a second invoice is sent to the broker – or FreightCenter in this case – because of a discrepancy in the number of items, weight, size at the time of delivery. The FreightCenter account holder is financially responsible for the delivery of the shipment and ultimately responsible for any billing adjustments and fees. Freight carriers reserve the right to weigh and measure any shipment tendered to them. Carriers have sophisticated multidimensional measurement devices that allow them to accurately pinpoint the exact size and weight of any package, crate, box or pallet. If any shipment details are incomplete or incorrect as determined by the carrier, FreightCenter may adjust the final charge of the shipment after the delivery has been accepted. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, your account will be charged for “all services as actually provided”.

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Where to Find Details About Adjusted Charges
When a driver performs services beyond those stated on the bill of lading (BOL), they will list those adjustments on the proof of delivery (POD). After inspecting your shipment, the driver will sign and provide both you and FreightCenter with a copy of the POD. The proof of delivery document will include any damages to the freight, as well as confirm the weight, dimensions, and contents of your shipment. If there are any discrepancies between the POD and BOL, FreightCenter will receive a second invoice in the form of a rebill/billing adjustment directly from the carrier. Your FreightCenter Account Manager or a FreightCenter Customer Service Representative will immediately contact you requesting payment of the unpaid balance. After 72 hours, FreightCenter will charge the credit card or account used for initial payment for the billing adjustment. You can view the bill in your FreightCenter account.

Quick Steps to Avoid Billing Adjustments
To avoid billing adjustments for services rendered but not prepaid, follow these steps when requesting a freight quote online or by phone:
1.Weigh and measure your item according to the manufacturer’s specs. Don’t forget to include packaging in your measurements, along with hazardous material transportation fees.
2.Look up the correct freight class.
3.Confirm your quote and bill of lading amounts match before making the initial payment.
4.Before signing the POD, carefully review it to ensure no additional fees or services are listed.

How to Avoid a Billing Adjustment
When obtaining a freight quote, the type of commodity, the number of items, weight, dimensions, freight class, pick up and delivery location, and distance all influence the cost to ship. The best way to avoid a billing adjustment is to ensure that all information given to FreightCenter at the time of quoting and booking is 100 percent complete and accurate.

  • Make sure to provide accurate weight:

    Never estimate how much your packaged freight weighs, as this is the main cause for most billing adjustments. Yes, all packaging adds to the full weight of your shipment. When scheduling your pickup, make sure you are as honest and accurate as you can be about the contents, weight, size, and location of your packaged freight.

  • How do you plan to load your freight onto the truck:

    Standard less-than-truckload service includes curbside pickup and delivery. If you need a lift gate to raise or lower your shipment into the back of a truck, you must request that equipment at the time of quote. If you need a lift gate and a driver arrives without the right equipment, the customer will not only be charged for the lift gate but also for the rescheduling of the pickup or delivery. Accessorials, such as a lift gate or loading/unloading services that are required at pickup or delivery will be billed by the carrier and appropriated to the FreightCenter account on file.

If you believe your billing adjustment was due to a carrier service failure, please contact FreightCenter Customer Service at your earliest convenience. Your continued business is important to us. We strive to resolve issues between our partner carriers and shippers in a timely manner. Most of the billing adjustments we receive are due to a non-service failure, such as a discrepancy between the BOL and POD documents. FreightCenter customers should never receive a bill directly from the carrier. If this happens, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue. To avoid receiving a bill from the carrier, the FreightCenter BOL document must be used at the time of pickup. If the FreightCenter BOL is not used, the carrier will not know the shipment is prepaid and will attempt to bill the receiver for the freight charges. We are committed to working with our customers by helping them avoid additional charges and seek alternative payment methods.

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