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Moving Company vs LTL Freight?

If you are moving a few large items, LTL freight shipping might be a better choice than a moving company to transport your furniture.

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Maybe you’re moving your whole house across the country. Or, you just need to move a few pieces of furniture. Either way, you need to decide whether to use a moving company or a freight company that offers LTL freight shipping services.

Deciding which route to take relies on how many pieces of furniture you plan on shipping. It also depends on the services you’ll need to get them to their destination.

The Difference Between Moving and Freight Companies

Freight Companies

LTL Freight Company

Freight companies, or carriers, are usually used for transporting commercial goods. In some cases, freight services are perfect for shipping household goods like furniture.

Carriers offer either full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) services, and sometimes both. They use LTL services to ship furniture because it doesn’t take up a full freight truck.

LTL shipping involves loading and unloading shipments from multiple locations before they’re delivered to their final destination. That’s why freight carriers need you to package and palletize your furniture. It keeps it safe during transit and loading/unloading.

Not all freight companies offer white glove services. Some of them don’t even offer residential shipping services. The ones that do will most likely charge more than moving companies depending on how many pieces you are moving.

Moving Companies

household moving

Household moving companies usually specialize in large moves. Most often, their customers are people moving homes or relocating offices. To meet specific needs, these companies offer services such as dedicated trucks, inside pickup and delivery, packaging and assembly. In the freight world we call these types of services “white glove”.

There’s one huge difference between moving and freight companies. Moving companies will not require you to package and palletize your freight. Freight companies will.

In most cases, a moving company is the right choice if you’re moving more than a few pieces of furniture. Knowing the difference between moving services and freight services will help you make the right decision.

Tips for Shipping Furniture Through LTL

The most important part of shipping furniture is the packaging. Make sure you furniture is properly packaged and on a pallet. You can always use more than one pallet for your shipment. You can also consolidate multiple pieces of furniture by packaging them together on the same pallet(s).

It’s also important to request the right services. Freight carriers will drop your shipment off on the curb in most instances. Do you need the driver to carry it inside? Will they have to go up stairs? Do you need someone to package it for you?

A FreightCenter freight expert can help you answer these questions and find the carrier with the right services for your needs. Give them a call today at 800.716.7608. Or fill out the quote form on the top right to get started.

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