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If your shipment requires dedicated equipment or special handling—in cases of trade show logistics, motorcycle shipping, or military freight projects—you need specialized freight services.

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As the name implies, specialized services require the expertise and care of experienced logisticians. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers help ensure your valuable freight gets where it’s expected, as it’s expected.

What types of freight require specialized services?

1. Fragile, oversized, or complex items that need an additional layer of protection, such as:

  • Sensitive electronics and devices: office equipment or medical devices and instruments—anything sensitive to bumps, jolts, or knocks
  • Fragile robotics and industrial equipment: complex machinery with moving parts that require extra protection from jostling or pinging
  • Commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment: large, bulky items that require extra padding and protection from damage and dents
  • Fixtures, furniture, and fragile goods: retail store fixtures, hotel furniture, casino gaming equipment, exercise equipment, residential and hotel furniture, household goods such as mirrors, glass, or pottery, and even Great Grandma's precious antique chandelier

2. Military freight projects that require specific paperwork, processes, and pricing, such as special SDDC authorizations

3. Supply chain transactions, including both input materials and finished products, moving items from origin to destination throughout the supply chain

4. Motorcycles, which may require a fully enclosed ride, air-suspension trucking, tilt-free storage, and more

5. Trade show exhibits, which need to be protected and pristine upon arrival for the ultimate high-impact presentation

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What types of “specialized services” are available?

White Glove Service:

Everything is taken care of for you. Your item is picked up from its location and delivered as requested. All packaging and unpackaging is included.

Blanket Wrap Freight:

Your fragile, oversized, or complex items are wrapped in blankets and transported by a blanket wrap carrier.

Furniture Shipping:

Whether shipping furniture purchased online or direct to customers, furniture shipping involves paperwork, tracking and status notifications, proper packing, and delivery. 

Time Critical or Expedited Freight:

Expedited freight service is for urgent or time-sensitive loads. Predominately used by supply chains, expedited freight moves as priority freight. Trucks shipping expedited freight rarely stop along the way.

Tradeshow Shipping:

Tradeshows, expos, and conventions require special arrangements to ensure proper handling and timely delivery.

Oversize Freight:

Oversize freight sometimes requires special trucks or handling equipment, as well as permitting or packaging requirements.

How can FreightCenter help?

FreightCenter offers all of these specialized services, and more. When you partner with FreightCenter, our experts will work with you to secure any specialized services needed for your shipment, using our trusted and established carrier network.

Do you ever:

  • Need a fleet of trucks to move multiple truckloads?

  • Need freeze protection in the winter months?

  • Require multiple destination points?

  • Have to adhere to special military or governmental circumstances?

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FreightCenter has you covered. We’ll handle the logistics and ensure cost-friendly, safe, and on-time deliveries. Get your instant freight quote today, or give us a call to speak directly to a FreightCenter agent who can assist you every step of the way in booking your specialized freight shipment. We look forward to working with you!

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