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shipping glass and glass products

Shipping Glass and Glass Products

Have you ever wondered how glass and glass products make it from one place to another without breaking? Shipping fragile items can be challenging, but fear not! In this article, we'll share essential tips and techniques that will ensure your glass shipments arrive in perfect condition.

How to Ship Glass and Glass Products


Many industries use glass as a popular shipping method, with the product in high demand across nearly every industry. The most popular include construction, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. With so many individuals shipping glass, you can rest assured that the process does not have to be as daunting as it seems. While glassware can be prone to turbulence during transit, that does not mean all hope is lost. 

Following the tips and tricks in this article will guarantee your package will experience a successful transit. FreightCenter has over twenty-four years of shipping experience, with an additional 99.1% damage-free shipments. Choosing FreightCenter can allow you to rest assured that your shipment will arrive i perfect condition. Read on for crucial tips and information on how to package and ship to ensure success!

Necessary Glass Packaging Materials


As stated above, freight shipments often encounter a variety of bumps in the road during the shipping process. While not a reason to worry, having this foresight means you can be all the more prepared. Glass materials require additional packaging to ensure a damage-free shipment. Using the following to help package and protect your glass products for shipment is essential. 


  • Packaging Tape ( 2 in comprehensive)
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Plastic Bag
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shipping glass and glass products

Why Choose FreightCenter for Shipping Glass & Glass Products?

FreightCenter has been the 3PL of choice for many shipping glass products over the last two decades. Our team will broker your glass shipment through the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective transit method. Our agents can assist you with every step, from arranging intermodal transportation to purchasing insurance. Knowledgeable staff is also here to answer any questions you may have regarding pricing. 

Going into the shipping process, knowing that distance traveled, insurance, delivery times, and freight class will dictate the final shipping cost can be helpful. Determining Freight class for glass products is calculated by density, sturdiness, value, and fragility. Glass with higher value and fragility will result in a higher freight class/cost. Despite any additional costs in shipping glass, FreightCenter is always worth the investment. Our experience, attention to detail, and world-class customer service promise an excellent experience every time.

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Packaging Glass/Glass Products

Liquid products must seal in a plastic bag before shipping glassware. It is essential to check this before wrapping your glassware in any packaging materials. Carriers want to avoid dealing with a mess! Once you have completed that step, it is time to cover the glass pieces individually. Make sure to wrap the individual glass products in wrapping paper before binding them with bubble wrap. Wrapping the glass products with wrapping paper first provides a proper base layer. Cover glass pieces with multiple sheets of wrapping paper for adequate protection. Follow up the wrapping paper by wrapping your glass products three times with bubble wrap and securing them with tape. 

Safely package glass products before placing them in a corrugated box. Packaging them with corrugated cardboard or foam inserts inside a corrugated box is a safe alternative to wrapping your glass products. Foam inserts are often preferred since they are the most shock-absorbent. Carriers often suggest packaging your glass shipments with corrugated boxes because they provide another layer of protection for glassware since the material is rigid and absorbs shock well. Leave around two inches of space between the glassware and all box sides. If you are shipping multiple glass products in the same box, dividers can help create a safe distance between them. 

Create space using void fillers like packing peanuts or air pillows. Using cushioned materials like these will reduce shock and friction. Place 5 cm or more of void filler at the bottom of the box. Then disperse 10-15% of the over-void filler throughout the package once the glass products are placed on top. Layering this way will help prevent damage when the box is inevitably shaken or bumped during transit. Finish by securing the box flaps with shipping tape and labeling the package with a fragile sticker. Even though this first box will go inside the second shipping box, it is still essential to mark the first box since the second box is more prone to damage. 

Carriers have different guidelines for measurements for the second box, but most suggest choosing a box size that will allow six inches of room around all sides of the first box. Make sure to fill the space surrounding the first and second boxes with adequate packaging materials listed above. Taping the inside seams of both packages can be extremely helpful in preventing damage, especially if your glassware is heavy. Lastly, ensure all boxes have a shipping label labeled “fragile” or “handle with care.”

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