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Shipping Medical Machines

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The Best Way to Make Shipping Medical Machines Easy & Affordable

There are many factors to consider when shipping medical machines around the U.S. and cross-border. Since medical machines are expensive, it’s important that they be packaged and transported correctly. FreightCenter partners with carriers who specialize in shipping medical machines and equipment. Is your medical equipment fragile, heavy, or oversized? Our experienced freight experts can help you find the right carrier and services needed to transport it safely. We do recommend you purchase additional insurance through a third-party provider. Freight liability covers only a fraction of the value determined by actual weight.

Packaging and Shipping

Sensitive medical machines, like those that are calibrated, typically travel via Truckload shipping in a vehicle with an air ride suspension. LTL freight shipping is available for those medical machines that are not as fragile or susceptible to damage. LTL shipments are loaded and unloaded several times before reaching their destinations. Your medical equipment will share trucks with dozens of other items that can shift around during transit. To keep your shipment safe, you must properly package and secure it. We encourage you to have a professional crating service package your medical equipment. Our freight experts can provide you with some recommendations on who to use. A professional crating service is your best bet to protect your valuable investment. The crated shipment is blocked and braced to make sure it doesn’t move in the truck. Packaging your medical machines or equipment yourself is an option. Here are steps you should take to make sure it’s done properly.

  • Refer to your owner’s manual for any and all special instructions. Should you remove any parts to package them separately?

  • Build a custom crate to place your shipment in. Use a pallet as the crate’s base for easier handling. Cushion the item(s) with plenty of packaging material, like Styrofoam.

  • If your machine or equipment is awkwardly shaped and cannot be placed in a crate, secure it to a pallet. Place styrofoam and cardboard around the entire item and wrap it in shrink wrap.

  • Make sure there are no exposed parts of pieces hanging over the pallet.

The value of medical machines often outstrips the carrier’s liability, so we encourage all shippers of medical machines to insure their shipment.

How to Compare Freight Shipping Costs From Trusted Carriers When Shipping Medical Machines

FreightCenter makes it easy to compare freight shipping rates from multiple carriers at once. All you have to do is complete a quote form. Before getting a quote, ensure you have all the necessary information. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Origin address. Is it a commercial or residential location? Is it a limited access area? Is there a lift gate or loading dock available? Destination address. Is it a commercial or residential location? Is it a limited access area? Is there a lift gate or loading dock available? Does the consignor require a call before delivery?

  • Specialty vehicle. Does the shipment require an air ride or refrigeration? Are there other special circumstances that must be considered in protecting the cargo?

  • Packaging. Is the item packaged securely in a box, crate, or barrel? Is it secured on a pallet?

  • Size and weight. What are the total dimensions of the item(s), including packaging? How about the total weight?

  • Freight class. The density and commodity of your shipment determine its freight class. If you’re unsure what class to use, our quote form will select one according to the density. In some cases, the determined class could be wrong because of the commodity type. A freight expert will review your quote before booking to ensure it is correct.

Once you’ve submitted the above information in the quote form, you’ll receive a list of common carriers that meet your needs. Choose the carrier whose price, services, and transit time works for you. Want help determining which carrier you should choose? Give our freight experts a call at 800.716.7608. Ready to book your shipment? You can book directly from your quote results. A FreightCenter freight expert will review your shipment details. They may contact you with questions regarding your shipment. If everything looks good, your shipment is sent to our processing team, where it is double-checked and scheduled.

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