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Track A Shipment

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Track your LTL, truckload, or intermodal shipment by entering your BOL number above to get instant freight tracking information.

FreightCenter provides all the documents and freight tracking you will need for every shipment.
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Tracking a Shipment with FreightCenter

  • Depending on the freight tracking technology that common carriers are using, FreightCenter’s system will work differently to receive and create updates on the status of the shipments. While some tracking updates are received through automated systems, others require FreightCenters tracking teams to regularly reach out to carriers manually. If you have questions about tracking your shipment, contact your Account manager
  • Make sure you use a FreightCenter BOL, otherwise it could result in tracking information delays or no online tracking at all. The freight carriers send shipment tracking information to FreightCenter system only when a FreightCenter BOL is used.
  • For help finding the BOL number, take a look at a BOL example. Contact your account manager to get a copy of your BOL if you don’t have one.

FreightCenter has been the leader in freight, trucking, and shipping services since 1998.

Online Quotes and Tracking for Freight

Our website allows customers to compare an array of shipping costs with a click of a button on our find freight quotes page.

Here at FreightCenter, we put customers’ needs first by providing them with instant notifications and real-time tracking updates of their shipments on their FreightCenter accounts. In addition, we deliver all quotes, current or past freight bookings, and all of the up-to-date documents and reports at My FreightCenter.

FreightCenter is conveniently available for shippers to easily find freight services with the USA and Canada at any time of the day. Check out our award-winning freight services and remember we are always here to offer solutions to any questions or concerns about our prestigious freight services.

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