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We pride ourselves on providing competitive freight shipping prices and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use shipping experience for our customers. Going above and beyond and exceeding our customers' expectations has resulted in thousands of satisfied customer reviews and increasing amounts of repeat business while minimizing common complaints and building new relationships. Read or watch below for a sampling of what our customers are personally saying about their experiences and the ease of shipping with FreightCenter.

“My small business, on average, may have one outbound freight shipment per month. Going directly through one of the big freight carriers can be very expensive. When I found and got my first quote I was shocked how much money I could have saved if I had found them sooner. They process a large enough volume of shipments to get you the absolute best rates available with the largest and most recognizable freight carriers. The website is very straight forward which makes it easy to get a quote and process a shipment. When you need to ask a question their excellent customer service is just a phone call away. I would absolutely recommend to anyone with freight needs.”

— Ben S. - Columbus, OH

“For the past 30 years I've bought parts and equipment from all over the country and used various shipping companies. A few months ago I reached out to FreightCenter for my shipping needs. With excellent service and lightening fast responses, Graveyard Carz now uses FreightCenter as their exclusive freight handling company...“

— Mark W. - Graveyard Carz

“I could honestly say that I had a great experience using your services. After submitting a request for a quote I was contacted in less than 24 hours by an agent, who took care of everything else for us. Our agent was very efficient, courteous and provided the best rate for our shipment. He also kept in touch with me until the shipment was ready for pick up and helped me prevent missing our pickup schedule by contacting the carrier immediately to correct a problem with the pickup address. This was my first time using, but for sure it will not be my last.”

— Dagmara C. - Office Manager

“ made my trade show booth shipping quick and easy. I received a call and an email from them promptly after submitting an online quote request. Their account manager and everyone I spoke to on the phone were very helpful and spent the time needed to make sure my shipment went smoothly. The fact that they actually give you accurate prices online when you submit the quote is awesome! The prices are very competitive or cheaper than most other places I have quoted through. My past shipments through Freight Center have always made it to their destination on time and in good condition. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— Curt J. - Outdoor Business Network

“I've really appreciated the customer and personal touch service at I'm sometimes really busy with my business but it doesn't take long to place an online or over the phone order. At least two times I can remember being questioned about the address, shipping weight, and thankfully so because both were wrong. The staff at are pros and I couldn't imagine doing big or small shipments without them!”

—Marvin D. -

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys about my experience. I am new to freight shipping and have just completed my second shipment this last month through []. The online quotes were easy to obtain and web site made it a snap to book my shipment. When I had a question about my booking there was a live person there to answer my phone call that spoke English, GREAT!! When I dropped my shipment off at the YRC terminal the guys there were very friendly / helpful and made the drop off very easy on my end. Thanks for 2 great experiences!”

—Johnathan F.

“I want to thank you so much for your excellent customer service and top notch skills that made shipping my freight a smooth experience. You went above and beyond typical customer service and you are commended for keeping me informed throughout the transaction and taking the time to assure that I was getting the best and most cost effective service available.

I look forward to using in the future ~ you made an impression on me that your company knows how to make customers feel welcome and want to use this company the next time they have freight to ship

— R.H. Putnam Auctions

“Definitely a great experience with your company... Buyer contacted me and is very pleased with the service at his end as well. I will be sure to recommend you and FreightCenter every chance I get.“

— Randy S. - Titusville, FL

“Shipping made easy and quick, pleasant, personnel, and competitive pricing are all part of my experience using the We have used them to handle our LTL shipments within the U.S.. I like getting shipping labels with the bills of lading, furnished by email. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone.”

— Ross T. - Medical LLC, New Iberia, LA

“We used your service for the first time a couple of days ago. Will probably never use another way to send freight. Our shipment ending up being at least one third of the price we were quoted by other freight companies, it was very easy and the response was immediate. We never had to pick up the phone. Saved our company money and time in every respect.”

— Caren S. - Van Igen International

“Just wanted to say how much easier shipping freight has become since we started using Freight Center. My account rep gets the job done and helps me with the NMFC codes and freight classes. We really like the ability to get a quote and get it paid up front. No account problems later. I just wanted to thank everyone that works so hard to make it easy on us the shippers.”

— Caroll D. - Crane Parts Inc.

“For someone like our business, who normally has nothing to do with freight shipping, FC was the perfect service. Not only in their help in researching the most best price, but even in identifying the correct classifications of the freight, the vehicle, etc. The people were friendly and supportive and helped us to get something moved well and in time, in the middle of Holiday season.”

— Stephan T. - Workshop/apd, LLC

“ I used freightcenter on line to ship my product and found that it was very user friendly to fill out the information and get the proper forms sent to me via e-mail. What was really a surprise to me was that not only did I get the BOL but I also was sent the shipping labels. I will use them again very soon.”

— Ernie - Precision Bowling Products

“Our company has relied on FreightCenter for more than a year. The service has always been great and the prices very reasonable. The customer service is very personable and efficient. It is easy to book a shipment online without having to pick up the phone. Freight Center is our #1 choice for logistics!”

— Eddie D.

“We are using FreightCenter exclusively for our large shipments because it has proven to be an easy way for us to determine pricing and schedule a delivery.”

— John P.

“I look forward to my business relationship with FreightCenter because of its ability to serve the industry in the manner that was introduced to me today. Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring attitude. It is the 8th Wonder of the World in this day and age to find excellent customer service. Thank you again!”

— Roy M. - Ideal Kitchens

“You are all really wonderful and since we have been working with FreightCenter our shipping has become so much easier; I am grateful! Thank you!”

— Bobbi C. - Nayer Kazemi Art

“My thanks to FreightCenter for helping me with my very first freight shipment, what an excellent job! I have been telling my friends about your company for use in the future. Thanks again Freightcenter.”

— Sylvia B.

“I want to thank you for your help with our shipment. Your customer service was top notch. If I need to ship heavy freight in the future I will definitely call you to arrange. Thanks again!”

— George P. - Ocular Insight, Inc.

“Thank you so much for getting the paperwork out SO quickly! I was literally standing out on a hot Texas shipping terminal. I appreciated it. Samantha was an excellent rep! She held my hand through multiple price quotes all the way to the terminal. I will definitely use your service again in the future!”

— Toby F.

“A big thank you to FreightCenter for being so helpful and so friendly with my overnight shipment task! What a joy it is working with talented and knowledgeable people! My sincere thanks for a job well done! ”

— Carol P. - Ultra One Corporation

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