Antique Shipping

Antique Shipping

People often collect antiques for sentimental reasons. Others specialize in restoring and selling. We understand the value and time individuals have placed into locating that historical item. That is why we offer specialized services shipping antiques. Many items are too large to pack and ship. Standard parcel carriers size and weight limits do not handle items such as grandfather clocks. Our freight agents will assist with best practice recommendations for transporting antiques. From a carrier selection to crating services. Our agents will guide you through the freight booking process. Freightcenter offers discounted freight services from the top rated carriers in the nation. These are carriers that have name recognition and history of transporting goods safely and timely. Our quote process will show you side by side comparisons of available carriers rates and delivery times. Going with the cheapest rate is not always the best selection when it comes to shipping antiques. Don't hesitate to ask to many questions. You cannot be too cautious when it comes to the concern of a meaningful irreplaceable item.

Most Popular Antiques Shipped

Smaller antique items are frequently shipped via parcel carrier service. Larger items or items that require specific handling and packaging ship use freight services. Freight doesn't have the limitations that parcel carriers have. You should always take extra measures to safely package an antique. We schedule daily pick ups for almost every type of antique known. Here is a list of the most common antiques we ship.

Pottery and Vases




Musical Instruments

Maritime Items



Tips for Shipping Antiques

Having an antique arrive damaged or destroyed is heartbreaking. One of a kind items or heirloom pieces are irreplaceable. Taking the extra measures before a shipment is picked up is a key part of ensuring your item arrives intact. Consider hiring a professional packaging company that has the experience and tools to properly package your item. Don't go cheap on your packing materials or time safely securing the item. Remove any free moving parts from in and around the item to prevent damage during transit. Consider using air freight services to prevent excessive road vibrations or shock. Ask an agent for additional specific ideas for transporting your antique.