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Canada Cartage System

Canada Cartage System is a leading transportation and logistics company in Canada, offering a wide range of services to meet diverse transportation needs. With a rich history, extensive coverage, and a commitment to innovation, Canada Cartage System is a trusted partner for efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

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Why Choose Canada Cartage System?

Canada Cartage System’s extensive experience, comprehensive service offerings, and dedication to customer satisfaction make it a preferred choice for transportation solutions in Canada. With a diverse range of services tailored to various industries, the company is focused on delivering excellence and value.

Diverse Service Offerings:


Canada Cartage System offers a comprehensive suite of transportation services to cater to different needs:



Truckload Services:

The company specializes in truckload transportation, providing efficient and reliable movement of goods across Canada.



Dedicated Fleet Services:

Canada Cartage System offers dedicated fleet solutions, ensuring consistent and customized transportation for businesses with unique requirements. The country’s leading provider of dedicated contract carriage services. Clients entrust them with managing their entire fleet and driving team or choose to work with us in tandem with their private fleet. By supplementing their core team with additional drivers, tractors, and trailers, our customers can achieve cost management efficiencies and enjoy complete visibility of their fleet and freight. Furthermore, they can improve their service levels by leveraging a team available round the clock throughout the year.


Industries Served: Building & Construction, Gas & Chemical, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Retail.


Final Mile Delivery:

The company’s final-mile delivery services focus on last-mile transportation, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to end customers.


Full Visibility 

Complete visibility of your purchase from the moment of the sale to the point of delivery.


Two-Hour Delivery Window

Customers are informed of a delivery window of two hours the day prior to their delivery, and they receive updates regarding the delivery on the day of.


Professional Crews

Skilled crews, consisting of one and two individuals, have undergone extensive training to surpass the expectations of your valuable customers.


Special Care

Crews use booties inside a home to safeguard the carpets and flooring, and gloves are worn when handling furniture that’s not in a box.


Product Assembly

They offer various furniture assembly services, such as beds, sectionals, and tables. Light touch-up services and furniture medic services may be provided as needed. An upholstery steaming service is also available to keep your furniture looking fresh and clean.


Installation and Removal

Putting in or taking out older household appliances, thoroughly tidying up, and disposing of packaging are handled with care and attention to detail.


Innovative Technology:



Canada Cartage System embraces technology to enhance its operations and customer experience. Their tech-driven solutions optimize routing, tracking, and communication, enabling efficient and transparent transportation processes.



Customer-centric Approach:



Canada Cartage System places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, tailoring solutions to meet individual business requirements. Their experienced team is dedicated to providing timely support, reliable communication, and personalized transportation strategies.

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Innovation, Reliability, and Value:

Canada Cartage System’s commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer-centricity positions it as a key player in the Canadian transportation industry. By leveraging technology, tailoring solutions, and ensuring efficient and reliable transportation services, Canada Cartage System continues to shape the landscape of transportation solutions in Canada.

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