Clear Lane Freight Systems

Clear Lane Freight Systems

Clear Lane Freight Systems is part of the FreightCenter carrier network, offering LTL services within the United States.

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Clear Lane Freight Systems is part of FreightCenter’s extensive carrier network. FreightCenter partners consist of more than 60 carriers, including Clear Lane Freight, so that we can bring unprecedented freight rates and distribution.

Founded in 2012, Clear Lane Freight Systems LTL industry veterans Tom Nagel and Ingi Torfason. Their goal was to provide a low-cost long-haul LTL service.

Tom and Ingi have the unique experience of working in operations, quality, and sales management for decades. Their insight into the LTL industry, relationships, and skills learned during their careers set the foundation for their success. When Clear Lane started, the business model was to utilize technology to build a non-asset-based network. This is done by using the available capacity of LTL partners for pickup and delivery. Transportation between hubs is often provided by rail or intermodal service. This ensures capacity and price stability.  

By partnering with some of the largest 3PLs in the industry, Clear Lane can reach small to medium size shippers. Clear Lane relies on 3PL partners such as FreightCenter and therefore does not compete with 3PLs for customers. 

The 3PL’s customer base has quickly allowed Clear Lane to build a comprehensive and sizeable long-haul LTL network.

Our future is bright. Backed by an investment from Estes, Clear Lane will continue to invest in technology and experienced staff. Clear Lane Freight Systems is well positioned financially and operationally for further expansion and service improvements.

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FreightCenter's Carrier Network covers the entirety of North America and beyond

By partnering with Clear Lane Freight, and over 50 other carriers, FreightCenter provides you with the most extensive service area and best rates available.

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