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Cowan Systems

Cowan Systems is a prominent transportation and logistics company that specializes in delivering comprehensive freight solutions across North America. With a commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Cowan Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for various transportation needs. Through its diverse service offerings and a focus on innovation, Cowan Systems continues to shape the industry landscape.

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Why Ship with Cowan Systems?

Cowan Systems’ extensive experience, versatile service offerings, and dedication to meeting customer needs make it a preferred choice for transportation solutions. With a wide range of services tailored to different industries, Cowan Systems is dedicated to providing seamless, dependable, and value-driven transportation experiences.


Diverse Service Offerings:


Cowan offers a comprehensive suite of transportation services designed to cater to various needs:



Truckload Services:

The company specializes in truckload transportation, ensuring efficient and reliable movement of goods across North America.



Intermodal Solutions:

They provide intermodal transportation options, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness in freight movement. For more than 25 years, Cowan has been offering International and Domestic Intermodal Trucking services through a vast network of Agent and Owner Operator programs. Customer service is a priority, with two entities, Cowan Systems and Cowan Intermodal Group, completely dedicated to providing logistics and transportation services that generate value for our clients, suppliers, partners, and owners.



Dedicated Fleet Services:

The company offers dedicated fleet solutions for businesses with unique transportation requirements, ensuring consistent and customized service. As the trend of shippers focusing on their core businesses and reducing the risks of owning a fleet continues to grow, many are opting to outsource transportation functions through a dedicated contract with a carrier. Through their dedicated fleet services, Cowan offers customized transportation packages that cater to the shipper’s specific needs, such as specialized equipment, strict timetables, and custom reporting. Cowan’s dedicated contract can be based on either a commitment to handle specific business volumes or a set number of drivers, tractors, and trailers with fixed and variable pricing.



Cutting-edge Technology:



Cowan Systems leverages technology to enhance its operations and customer experience. From advanced tracking systems to optimization algorithms, the company’s tech-driven solutions contribute to efficient transportation processes.



Customer-centric Approach:



Cowan Systems prioritizes customer satisfaction by tailoring solutions to meet individual business needs. Their experienced team focuses on clear communication, reliable support, and personalized transportation strategies.

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Innovation, Reliability, and Value:

Cowan Systems’ dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and customer-centricity positions it as a key player in the transportation industry. By leveraging technology, tailoring solutions to unique needs, and delivering reliable and efficient transportation services, Cowan Systems continues to drive the evolution of transportation solutions in North America.

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