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Day & Ross Trucking

Day and Ross is part of the FreightCenter carrier network, offering Dedicated, FTL, LTL, Specialized and Cross-Border services within Canada.

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Day & Ross Trucking is a Canadian transportation and logistics company that operates in various industry sectors, including trucking, freight transportation, and logistics solutions. It was founded in 1950 and has since grown to become one of the leading transportation companies in Canada, serving both domestic and international markets.


Why Choose Day & Ross Trucking?


Choosing Day & Ross Trucking for your transportation and logistics needs can offer several advantages based on their services and industry reputation. 


Longstanding Industry Presence

With a history dating back to 1950, Day & Ross has established itself as a reputable and experienced player in the transportation and logistics industry.


Diverse Service Offerings

The company offers less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) services, catering to businesses with varying shipping volumes and requirements.


Cross-Border Expertise

Day & Ross’ experience in cross-border logistics can be advantageous if you require cross-border transportation between Canada and the United States.


Industry Knowledge

Day & Ross serves various industries, giving them insights into different sectors’ unique needs and challenges.


Customized Solutions

The company works with businesses to develop customized transportation and logistics solutions tailored to their needs.


Warehousing and Logistics

In addition to trucking services, Day & Ross offers warehousing and logistics solutions, providing end-to-end supply chain support.


Canadian Coverage

If your operations are based in Canada, Day & Ross’ comprehensive coverage within the country can be beneficial.


Technology Integration

Day & Ross integrates technology for shipment tracking, visibility, and efficient communication, enhancing your ability to manage logistics operations.


Sustainability Initiatives

Day & Ross’ commitment to eco-friendly practices might align with your values if sustainability is important to your business.


Financial Stability

Day & Ross’ longstanding presence and financial stability can indicate their ability to provide reliable and consistent services.


Customer Support

The company offers customer support for inquiries, tracking, and logistics-related questions, contributing to a positive customer experience.



Day & Ross’ reputation as a reputable transportation and logistics provider can provide peace of mind when entrusting your shipments to their services.







Nationwide Coverage and Reach


Day & Ross Trucking primarily serves areas within Canada and the United States. The company operates a comprehensive network of transportation services and terminals that allow them to provide shipping and logistics solutions across various regions within North America.



Day & Ross Trucking operates extensively within Canada, providing transportation and logistics services to cities, provinces, and territories nationwide.


United States

The company also serves areas within the United States, offering cross-border transportation solutions between Canada and the U.S.




Key Aspects of Day & Ross Trucking


Trucking Services

Day & Ross operates a trucking division that provides transportation services for various commodities, goods, and products.


LTL and FTL Services

The company offers less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) services to cater to shipping requirements.


Domestic and Cross-Border

Day & Ross serves domestic Canadian shipping needs and cross-border transportation to and from the United States.


Freight Services

They specialize in transporting diverse freight, including general commodities, industrial goods, retail products, and more.


Industry Expertise

Day & Ross serves various industries, including manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, automotive, and more.


Warehousing and Logistics

In addition to trucking services, Day & Ross offers warehousing and logistics solutions to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations.


Technology Integration

The company integrates technology for shipment tracking, visibility, and efficient communication.


Sustainability Initiatives

Day & Ross is committed to sustainability and implements eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact.


Customer Support

The company provides customer support and assistance for inquiries, tracking, and logistics-related questions.


Custom Solutions

Day & Ross works with businesses to develop customized transportation and logistics solutions that match specific needs.


Financial Stability

Day & Ross’ longstanding presence in the transportation industry reflects its financial stability and ability to provide reliable services.


Canadian Focus

While Day & Ross Trucking is based in Canada, it operates in various regions, offering comprehensive coverage.





Industries Day & Ross Trucking Serves


Day & Ross Trucking serves a variety of industries with its transportation and logistics solutions. The company’s services are designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses across different sectors. 



Day & Ross Trucking provides transportation services for manufacturers, helping them move raw materials, components, and finished products to and from their facilities.



The company supports the retail sector by transporting goods from distribution centers to retail stores, ensuring timely restocking and inventory management.



Day & Ross Trucking offers transportation services for automotive parts, components, and equipment, serving the unique needs of the automotive industry.


Consumer Goods

The company transports various consumer goods, including electronics, appliances, household products, and more.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Day & Ross Trucking provides transportation and logistics solutions for healthcare products, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment.



The company assists technology companies by transporting electronics, computer equipment, and other products.


Aerospace and Aviation

Day & Ross Trucking supports the aerospace sector with transportation solutions for aerospace components, equipment, and materials.


Food and Beverage

The company transports food products, beverages, and related goods, serving businesses in the food and beverage industry.



Day & Ross Trucking offers agricultural products, equipment, and machinery transportation services.


Construction and Building Materials

The company assists in transporting construction materials, building supplies, and related products.


Industrial Equipment

Day & Ross Trucking serves industries requiring heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and components transportation.


Energy and Utilities

The company provides transportation solutions for energy and utilities equipment and materials.


Apparel and Fashion

Day & Ross Trucking transports clothing, apparel, and fashion products from manufacturers to retailers.


High-Tech Manufacturing

The company supports high-tech manufacturing with logistics solutions for precision components and electronics.


Consumer Electronics

Day & Ross Trucking transports consumer electronics products such as televisions, audio equipment, and other electronics.


Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Day & Ross Trucking offers specialized transportation for pharmaceutical products and life sciences equipment.


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