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Crating Services

FreightCenter explains why crating services provide the highest level of protection against damage and loss of your freight shipment.

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What Are Crating Services?

Crating services make crates to protect freight while in transit. Crating is considered the best way to protect many types of freight. When shipping freight, some shippers prefer to make their own crates, shippers having valuable goods transported tend to prefer to have their crates made by a specialty crate service.

Why Use a Crating Service?

Perhaps you’ve booked your freight shipment, but did you make sure your freight was properly packaged or crated. Many items can be packaged by strapping it to a pallet and shrink-wrapping it. Fragile and high-value shipments usually require crating. Crating provides the highest level of protection against damage and loss. Securely crating your freight is the single best way to make sure your shipment doesn’t sustain any damage in transit.

When properly crated, your shipment should reach its destination safe and sound. The extra weight of the crate and its size will have an effect on your final shipping price, so make sure your BOL shows the full size and weight with crate and packaging included.

FreightCenter makes shipping your goods easier than ever, but crating is not one of the services we offer ourselves. Check out our packaging and crating see if building your own crate is something you can do. If not, we recommend that your shipment be crated by a professional crating company.

What Questions Should You Ask a Crating Service?

  • What quality packaging materials do they use?
  • Do they custom measure and build to your specific needs?
  • Do they offer any kind of warranty or insurance?
  • Can they build the crate on site or does it need to be shipped to you?What are the estimated costs involved?
  • Is the crate rated for domestic or international shipping?
  • What weight and dimensions is the crate going to add to my shipment costs?

What Our Customers Say

FreightCenter can help you find an excellent crating service provider for a reasonable cost, and with various sized containers that fit your need and are easy and fast to assemble. Best of all, our freight partner’s crates are reusable and returnable.

If you need help shipping, our helpful freight agents are available at 800.716.7608.

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