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Freight Bill Audit

Freight Bill Audit

Discover how FreightCenter can provide your supply chain with a freight bill audit that can save you time and money.

What Is a Freight Bill Audit?

Freight bill auditing is an essential tool that will reduce your freight costs and strengthen your bottom line. Freight rates and accessorial charges are constantly changing due to fluctuating gas prices, weather, road conditions, available carriers and other factors. When receiving an invoice, oftentimes you will find that the paperwork does not directly line up with the original quote or the Bill of Lading (BOL). A freight bill audit can catch and eliminate these discrepancies and save you money.

Some Typical Mistakes Found During a Freight Bill Audit

  • Clerical errors

  • Discrepancies in the rates quoted

  • Discrepancies in the rates billed

  • Incorrect product classifications

  • Unnecessary accessorial charges

  • Duplicate payments

Lower Your Shipping Costs

Depending on your volume, having your freight bills audited monthly or quarterly is an important step to keeping your freight costs in line and maximizing your supply chain logistics management. Enlist with the help of FreightCenter for your freight audit, and we will store, track, analyze, and adjust every freight shipment efficiently. At FreightCenter, you have access not only to our vast network of carriers but also to our top-notch technology. Our auditing will help you reduce your cost to ship for all freight shipping. Our experienced auditors are well trained to handle any invoices from carriers in any mode of freight transportation and can expertly address the complex pricing and service options available. Give FreightCenter a call at 800.716.7608 to start your evaluation for free!

Freight Bill Audit

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