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A freight agency, or brokerage, acts on behalf of a shipper to contract a freight carrier to transport the shippers' goods. Freight brokers provide outsourced logistics for supply chains with shipping needs. FreightCenter is a freight broker. We act as a liaison between the shipper and the carrier. Acting to fill trucks to capacity, saving our partners and customers both time and money.

An established freight broker like FreightCenter has relationships with carrier companies. The benefits of these relationships typically include price discounts and custom service areas. Brokers have the ability to service individual needs that a carrier can't take the time to address on its own. A broker provides businesses that need to ship products with the ability to transport those products with excellent carriers that would not, otherwise, offer affordable rates.

A transportation broker takes on the role of a shipping department for the customer. Their duties may include scheduling pick up and deliveries. They also do all the paperwork, tracking information, and all issues of the load. Brokers are a cost effective method of shipping loads for people. Especially people who do not use a shipping department. Brokers assist shipping departments who are looking to save money with volume discounts. They have industry knowledge to safely transport shipments.

FreightCenter's network of transportation companies provide freight shipping services for commercial and residential shippers. More than 80 US moving companies provide freight services from and to any point within the US. They also cover shipping to any international destination..

With a creation of a free online account, you can access instant freight rates. Getting a freight quote is easy online with very little information. The results will compare available carrier trip time and pricing. You can select from any carrier result on the list to use. Booking your shipment along with payment is also available online. And after your shipment is picked, you can track your shipment to know where it is. Contact us on the phone is an option for you also. If you have load specific requirements or an immediate time table, please call. Our freight brokers can help with all your needs.


FreightCenter is a licensed and bonded freight broker operating since 1998.

Committed to excellent customer service, FreightCenter arranges freight for both commercial and residential shippers. We save shippers up to 85% off freight rates through our volume discounted pricing from reliable carriers.

If you’re looking for a freight broker to help reduce transportation spend and improve efficiency, choose FreightCenter for all your freight shipping needs.


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