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Freight Carriers

FreightCenter partners with top-rated freight carriers to provide its customers with the best combination of service and price

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As a FreightCenter customer, you have access to some of the top-rated freight carriers nationwide.

Because of our long-time relationships with these carriers, as well as our large shipping volume, we’re able to pass on a combination of services and prices that you couldn’t get if you went straight to the carrier.

You Choose the Carrier

Book your freight with first-tier, quality carriers at discounted prices. Our online freight tools allow you to shop around without the hassle. You’ll find the price, service, time frame, AND carrier that best suits your needs.

The best part? You can do it all online with just one FreightCenter quote. Try it out today and get an instant quote, or call 800.716.7608 to get started.

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Some of our carrier partners include:

Note: FreightCenter adds and removes carrier partners from time-to-time. This list may not be current.

Common Questions

How Do I Find a Freight Carrier

Finding a freight carrier (an entity specializing in transporting freight from one location to another) typically involves searching for available loads by either (1) calling multiple carriers and running freight quotes across multiple websites or (2) searching load boards and posting your freight with the details of your shipment.

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What is a Freight Carrier?

A freight carrier, also known as a common carrierfreight company, or trucking company, is an entity that specializes in transporting freight—or cargo—from one location to another. When FreightCenter brokers a freight shipment, it contracts one of its 50+ freight carriers partners to transport its customers’ goods to its destination.

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