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Freight Consolidation

Consolidation of freight involves the pairing of shipments that fill the space of a dry van trailer or freight truck and are being moved generally in the same direction. In this way, freight consolidation or less than truckload shipping saves shippers money and allows carriers to optimize their fleet. The Less than Truckload shipping or LTL freight mode of transportation consolidates shipments from several different shippers and transports the entire load to terminals where they are routed to different lanes and re-consolidated back onto a different truck, or continue moving to the same city or state.

If you are in Ohio or California, there is no need to locate a freight company in your state. We can show you rates not only from the companies closet to your pickup destination, but rates from companies that frequently ship to or from your area. When you have the option to compare pricing, you save money on your shipping each and every time. You don't have to call around to carriers, saving you time. When you combine the savings from labor costs with the discounted volume rates you get with FreightCenter, the savings is huge for customers who ship as little as a few times every month.

FreightCenter provides freight services for business, supply chains and individuals. Over 80 U.S. trucking companies work with us to provide freight services from and to any point within the United States, as well as shipping to any international location.

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