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freight matching services shippingWhat Is Freight Matching?

Freight matching is the process of pairing consignees (shippers) to freight carriers by using truck load boards. Companies and independent owner operators use load boards to fill available space and avoid unprofitable, empty miles driven. The boards state available space and destinations to potential customers. Those customers use the boards to match shipping requirements, which are then matched to destinations and available trucks. There are many truck load boards available online. Most individual to medium-size shippers will never use these boards, as they require a certain level of expertise to use them productively. Large companies prefer regular shippers who move truck loads or LTL often. When you are an occasional shipper or first time shipper, it is best to use a 3PL like FreightCenter. A third party logistics company has experience navigating the complicated world of freight. They have relationships with carriers and expertise using load board services. Having relationships with carriers helps them get you discounts on freight costs. The 3PL company handles all the scheduling and payments. Paperwork such as bills of lading required to transport loads is provided by the 3PL.

At FreightCenter, we have developed a digital freight matching service. We call this service our Freight Quote. It's quick and easy, doesn’t cost a thing and can be accessed to search available carriers as soon as you register and log in. Very little information is required to start seeing results. Estimated dimensions, weight and zip codes from pickup to delivery will get you going. The more specific you are, the more accurate your rates will be. Our quote feature accesses real time load boards. These are behind the scenes boards offering services from many of today’s top US carriers. The results will provide many choices including pricing and delivery times. Names of carriers will be displayed for your choosing as well. You can select any carrier you wish and book directly online if you wish. We employ sales agents that will help you and answer any questions or concerns. You can call us regarding your shipment.

If it weren’t for freight matching services, you would spend hours calling freight companies. More time would be spent trying to get the best rates. Even then, pricing would often be quoted as standard rates. This is due to no history shipping with the carrier. Using our services, you can be assured that we have experience with each and every vendor on your results. We have pre negotiated discount rates that save you money. Our history and volume shipped provides pricing that would be otherwise unattainable.


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