Crating Services is a company or person that builds wooden containers. These containers are freight compliant for transporting goods or products. These services are usually contracted by the consignee or client. They are to ensure safe and proper delivery of an item between locations. Crating services are generally used for high value items. These are items such as medical devices, motorcycles and industrial equipment.

Crating is used to packaging and transporting goods safely and securely. Many shippers choose to crate their shipments. Shippers can opt to build their own crate or hire a crating company to package their item for them. There are not many national crating services in the US. Most services will be regional or local. These services are best found by doing a google search in your specific area. You will want to verify the reputation of the company you want to use to package your product. You will also need to consider the following

  • What quality packaging materials do they use?
  • Do they custom measure and build to your specific needs?
  • Do they offer any kind of warranty or insurance?
  • Can they build the crate on site or does it need to be shipped to you?
  • What are the estimated costs involved?
  • Is the crate rated for domestic or international shipping?
  • And what weight and dimensions is the crate going to add to my shipment costs?

For more information on how to build a crate, check out our packaging and crating tips.

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